Top 10 Weapons With Which You Will Destroy Any Enemy In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a popular multiplayer title out there that has managed to encompass a large variety of audiences in terms of regular players. People just keep on coming for more because destiny 2 has a lot to offer in terms of new content, weaponry, and advanced missions and quests that require the best from the players. If you want to know more about these so-called weapons that are the brightest and greatest in all of destiny 2 then have a look at the following data;


  • Empty Vessel


This is a rather impressionable weapon that new players use more often than advanced ones. This is a little grenade launcher that has a rather harsh impact and covers a huge wide area impacting all enemies, their AI and even blinding the PvE enemies as well. A little practice with the weapon would allow you to have a huge impact on the enemies all around you. 


  • Wastelander M5


This elementary weapon might look like an ordinary one but it is actually a shotgun with a harsh impact on the enemies in front of you. It is a legendary Tex Mechanica weapon, it always does reload itself after being fired. You can use this weapon as a discount Chaperone that you never have to reload and can be used to have a critical impact at a short distance.   

Where I Can Find All That Weapons?

If you want to get weapons such as Vex Mythoclast, One thousand voices, or any other you must pass Vault of Glass raid or Grandmaster Nightfall. To make it you must sacrifice a lot of time to the game. To avoid it consider Destiny 2 boost services that give you PROs who will do the whole work instead of you cheaply.


  • The Messenger


The Messenger is an incredible weapon that is used and adored by professionals and beginner-level players alike. It can bind with the Desperado, which is a perk offered by Destiny 2 increasing the fire rate of the gun after a precise kill has been made. You can round up guardians in under half a second with this thing making it a primary choice for many serious players.


  • Biting winds


The name Biting Winds couldn’t fit the profile of the kinetic bow more as it literally hurls towards the target biting the wind within its wake. It can be matched with some of the base perks such as solid base damage that literally grounds the enemies in front of you even if these are one too many stacked behind one and another. The farming for the biting winds is also easier which means that you can easily equip it and continue to upgrade it further and further.


  • Reed’s Regret


The Reed’s Regret is easily one of the most eloquent fusion Rifles that is themed around the trial of Osiris and an incredible heavy weapon through and through. When you land three consecutive headshots the fusion rifle can generate heavy ammo which means rain of fire dawning upon your enemies from all directions, a truly legendary weapon in every capacity.


  • Null Composure


When Null Composure made its debut in the season of the splicer it was thought to be an inferior weapon but with the recent new season and the introduction of the fusion weapons, Null Composure has found purpose. This is now the go-to weapon for many Destiny 2 players for the sake of blowing past a horde of red bars or a major enemy in a single blast.


  • Salvager’s Salvo


You are not going to find a more robust PvE weapon than the Salvager’s Salvo. It is potentially a grenade launcher that fires with utmost precision and when it hits the target it turns into small explosions that in turn do more damage to the area around where these get activated. It has also got huge ammo which means that you won’t have to worry about the ammo when you need it the most.


  • The Hothead


The name hothead couldn’t suit more to this acoustic rocket launcher that increases the damage of the next rocket about to follow the lead of the one that you have already fired. Every round with the hothead is like a party that is taking place on a foreign land with your enemies dancing to the shots and laying dead right and left, it is indeed one of the best Destiny 2 weapons.


  • Fatebringer


It is one of the best hand cannons in all of the series and each and every round that it fires brings with it a more explosive and rapid punch. You are going to adore this weapon if you like to build crafting because it allows you to customize multiple parts of the weapon according to how you like it, increasing the chances of the damage that it incurs in the first place.


  • Succession


If you are a sniper lover then you are absolutely going to fall in love with the Succession. It is able to take down any and all classes of guardians in a single blow when you have got the damage buff active. The scope on this thing is clean and precise allowing you to land a perfect shot each time you lay your eyes on your target.   

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