Buying Cost-Cutting Equipment Wisely Saves You Even More

In business, efficiency means getting the same level of performance at a lesser cost. If cost and performance drop in equal measure, you’re left with inferior results. Retaining the same level of performance at a lower price is the key.

Metrology equipment such as CMM machines often performs quality control on production lines. Let’s take a look at what you need to know before buying used CMM machines for your factory.

Complete Inspection and Guarantees

Buying a used CMM machine from a reputable dealer means it’ll be inspected thoroughly by true experts. If you buy used equipment from an independent dealer or from an auction, you need to hope the machine works well.

The best used CMM dealers test all the cabling, air lines, bearings, drive systems, and more to ensure it will work perfectly right when it hits your shop floor. Should there be a mechanical problem, authorized dealers will fix it for free.

Even if you get a terrific bargain on a used CMM purchased from an auction or an independent seller, the savings won’t look so good if the equipment stops working properly. You need to have peace of mind when you pay top dollar for a

Installed Professionally

Like a lot of high-performance machinery on which factories rely, you can’t just plug a CMM machine into the wall and expect it to work. Professional installers need to account for variables like the room temperature of where it’ll be set up, or the machine may underperform.

Reputable metrology dealers often have the best technicians because they’ve been around this equipment since the 1980s. They will install it properly, so it meets the industry’s high standards right away.

Use Equipment Wisely

Equipment costs money to operate, and there is no avoiding that fact. Nevertheless, you can minimize costs in several ways without diminishing your standards. Use the equipment to accomplish as many jobs as possible. A single device can handle all required tasks at a lower cost.

Make an appointment for routine maintenance on your machines and any machinery that will need it. Ensuring all is in functioning order, with backup procedures in place, will greatly decrease unexpected breakdowns. Only consider leasing the devices you use seldom. Paying money to sit around doing nothing does not make sense financially. Think about the financial benefits of leasing versus buying the expensive equipment you’ll require.

Software Consultation

Sometimes equipment is only as good as the software inside. What if you buy a used CMM machine, and the software inside is obsolete or not optimal for your purposes?

Authorized dealerships tell you if there’s software out there better suited for your purposes. The best dealerships have videos of their equipment on their website so that you can see it in action from the convenience of your home. But if you want to know how else the same machines can work, speak to your local expert in metrology.

Cut energy costs.

A big benefit for your bottom line is in eliminating energy-related expenses. To save money on lighting and heating, building owners might try installing stronger insulation and automating the lights. With the expense of these upgrades, you’ll be able to recoup the money quickly, and you’ll be able to realize your savings in no time.

Installing windows will maximize the use of natural light. This would not only help lower monthly electricity bills, but it might greatly reduce heating bills in the winter by making use of the sun’s rays.

One other area of importance is water. Reduce your water use in little ways, such as installing toilets with hands-free flushing or faucets that operate without your touch.


Finally, it’s important to buy your machinery by a dealership authorized by the Machinery Dealers National Associations (MDNA), which have guidelines to uphold when selling used machinery.

You’ll know the condition, and all parts of the used machinery will be accurate before the purchase from any dealerships authorized by the MDNA.

Caveat emptor or “buyer beware” is not the type of condition you want to be attached to high-grade used machinery that is a foundational part of your factory operation.

Sometimes being wise in business means being a savvy shopper. Finding excellent used equipment that will work today and tomorrow can really improve your factory’s efficiency, so speak to a reputable metrology dealer today.

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