Successful Localization Practices for E-commerce Businesses

E-commerce localization is a crucial practice for every business. If you decide to promote the business to another market and cooperate with foreign countries, the localization part should be a priority. What’s localization? In short, it is the way you adjust your website to the paradigms of another country. By paradigm, we mean the language used in the directed country. And some cultural environments also play a role when the localizing part comes to the fore.

What happens when you don’t localize the content to another country? If you leave the same strategy and don’t change the main aspects, the sense of your project may be lost. The target audience won’t receive the correct message, and the connection with the customers will be lost. If you don’t want to fail your business project in the foreign market, you should work on localizing by introducing Zendesk translation, and some useful tips.

Successful E-commerce Localization Experience: Why You Need It

When introducing a new project to the foreign market, you need to take into account so many factors. The major aspects are the traditions, language, and various cultural differences. Another environment may differ greatly. As a consequence, it will influence the concept of the business and make you change the strategy. If you find a perfect target audience in your country, it doesn’t mean you have the same customers abroad. Thoughts and beliefs change within the countries, and you should be flexible to adjust to the changes. Here are some of the main reasons why localizing the business online is necessary.

Better Communication with the Customers

It is a real struggle to meet new customers and find common ground with them. You can meet difficulties even when communicating with people from different regions of the same country. When posting the content, you need to mind the target audience. In general, you can focus on the region. If you deal with western countries, there will be fewer restrictions. So, you can be more relaxed about the rules. But if you direct your business project to the Eastern regions, you should research the market and check on the common rules and norms not to violate them.

New Doors Will Be Open for You

When you localize your business, customers from other countries can search for your website more often. In most cases, users go for their language when searching the web. Thus, if you turn your website to the local language, you can get more customers. You will also satisfy the customers and make them regular users of your web page. When the customer experience is more understandable, people are prone to buying products and services on your online platform.

Don’t Forget about the Holidays

When the country celebrates a national holiday, people usually go shopping to make gifts for each other. If you localize your website to the necessary dates, you can increase sales easily. Here are some of the examples of holiday seasons for different markets:

  • If you focus your production on India, you should work on the localization to introduce the website during the November Festival of Lights.
  • In China, November is also a very important period when people go shopping. So, you can increase the revenue by introducing your localized e-commerce production to the market.
  • In the Middle East, Ramadan is a hugely important time. So, you can focus your attention on this period.
  • Don’t forget about Black Friday that’s highly popular in the western part of the world.

If you choose the right dates and adjust the website correctly, you will see a vivid revenue. It always works when you get into the culture of the country.

What to Localize: Make Sure to Work on These Aspects

When you start localizing your e-commerce project, you should base your work on 3 basic factors. Let’s take a closer look at these things.

  • Language is an essential part of your localizing experience. You can’t leave the website without translating the content. It is important to find an expert to make the translated text comprehensible for the target customers. But before you hire a specialist, research must be performed. You need to learn what languages and dialects are characteristic of the region. When you’re done with the research data, you’re ready to translate the website.
  • Don’t forget about SEO. You may have a similar target audience, but the overall situation may differ a lot. Thus, there’s a need to use different keywords to catch the top positions in the SERP. You need to think carefully about the keywords even if the language of the website is the same.
  • Now we get to the crucial part of your localizing campaign that’s customer experience. We’ve figured out that using multilingual customer support is necessary. But there are some more things to mention. You should adjust payments and currency transactions to the target audience. FAQs should be also translated and adjusted to the new clients. The same thing goes with the contact forms and checkout page.

The importance of website localization is undeniable. You should research a lot, create the strategy and develop a working plan to make up an effective localization plan. The effectiveness of the new customer experience and the revenue are dependent on the success of website localization. For this reason, it is important to mention every aspect when getting ready for the localization process.

Final Words

Localization practice is quite versatile. You can’t leave it alone. If you want to grow your business and promote it online, localization is the best way to do it. There are certain rules that you should follow to make the localization work for you. The earlier you start, the more time you have for the research part and actual localization. The result is definitely worth the effort.

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