Cool Things to do When Visiting Twin Cities

The Twin Cities which consist of Saint Paul and Minneapolis is a hub for visitors because of all the cultural destinations, outdoor activities, and restaurants that the place has to offer. In fact, we can say that more than 10 million visitors go to this place in just one year.

And we are pretty sure that you will be one of those visitors if you know exactly what they have to offer. That is why we are going to go through some of the amazing things that you can do while you are visiting there. Take a look below:

Twin City Family Fun Center

Let us start with something great for the family. We have got the twin city family fun center which has a lot of fun activities that you and your family can try out. Dare we say that it is the best place to go for your birthday in Minneapolis.  

It is got bowling, laser tag, and other cool activities to try out. It is also a great place to hold different kinds of events like parties, fundraisers, and corporate events.

Various Museums

The Family Fun Center is not the only place to have some indoor activities in Minneapolis. There are also a bunch of museums that you can check out such as the Science Museum, the Mill City Museum, and the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

If you happen to be a culture vulture, then these are some of the best places for you to visit. You will have a lot of fun visiting these places and you will learn a lot from these exhibits.

The Grand Avenue

If you want a chill afternoon, then you can go to Grand Avenue in Saint Paul Street. We would say that this place has some of the best eateries that you can find in this city. There are several holes in the wall restaurants that are owned by locals.

If there is one specific place that we would recommend, it is probably the Caffe Latte. This happens to be one of the best cafes/delis in this area. It is well-known for its three-layer chocolate turtle cake. A lot of visitors claim that this is the best dessert in Minneapolis, and we tend to agree with them.


The theaters here are a sight to behold. They hold a lot of rich history and culture in the area. Some of these theaters have been there since the early 1900’s so you can tell that you can learn a lot about the twin cities by visiting these theaters. These include the Guthrie Theater and the Fitzgerald Theater.

The Fitzgerald Theater, in particular, is often frequented by international visitors from other countries. If you happen to be one of these visitors or would want to be, then you need to make sure that you have a proper Visa before you travel to the US.

Just to give you an idea, you will need to have certain documents to apply for a us esta visa . These include a passport from a Visa Waiver Program country, an application form with all the contact details, and an application fee.

From there, you can check esta status to know whether you can travel to the USA– especially to visit the Twin Cities.

Minnehaha Falls Park

Now that we are done with the indoor activities, let us take a look at some twin city outdoor activities. Minnehaha Falls Park is a great place to go for picnics, bike rides, or relaxing walks in nature. You can also pay a visit to the Sea Salt Eatery to try out their fish tacos.

Nicollet Mall

Another place to experience some cool Minneapolis activities is the Nicollet Mall. First of all, they have great restaurants to try out.

You may want to check out, specifically The Newsroom. They also have the Dakota Jazz Globe and the Orchestra Hall if you are into live bands or music performances.

Minnesota State Fair

Last on the list is the Minnesota State Fair. This is one of the most popular fairs in the country and it happens between August and September.

They serve a lot of fun dishes like mac and cheese cupcakes, meatloaf on a stick, and other cool items. There are also a lot of fun rides to check out like Ferris wheels, roller coasters, and other carnival rides.


As you can see, there is a lot of really cool activities to discover and explore in the Twin Cities. There is a cool mix of both indoor and outdoor activities that you can enjoy. Both US travelers and international travelers alike love it in the Twin Cities because of these cool activities.

So, for those who want to have a fun vacation or an exciting new place to live, consider staying in Twin Cities. You will get to experience all the fun activities we have mentioned above and much more.

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