All You Need to Know about Crypto Trading Bots

Cryptocurrency has consistently proven to be a medium of financial freedom explored the right way. With lots of funds to trade with and a mastery of technical and fundamental analysis, you will be able to reap profits from crypto trading.

But there are certain aspects that investors remain concerned about.  The first aspect is the round-the-clock approach to cryptocurrency trading. Since the crypto market is open, you can wake up in the middle of the night and start trading.

The second aspect is the volatility of the market. The unpredictability of the crypto market has kept many conscientious investors on their toes. Combined with the 24/7 trading, it becomes impossible for most to be in tune with the market.

These and many other human inefficiencies triggered the introduction of trading bots into the crypto market.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about using cryptocurrency trading bots to make profits from your trades. You can also check out this article in CoinList.

What is a Crypto Trading Bot?

Simply put, a cryptocurrency trading bot is an automated method for cryptocurrency trading whereby software is programmed to trade crypto.

The bots are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and are capable of monitoring the market and executing trades.

Some investors also use crypto trading bots to perform repetitive tasks that could have otherwise been difficult for humans to do most of the time.

How Does a Crypto Trading Bot Work?

Are you interested in using a cryptocurrency trading bot to trade and make profits? Here are some of the ways that the bot works:

1.    Signal Generation

The crypto trading bots make most of the decisions for you. These decisions are arrived at after checking important parameters, such as the fluctuations in the market, the orders placed for a crypto asset, and the readings from the chart.

It is also possible to configure the trading bot based on personal preferences and the outcome expected at the end of a trade.

2.    Risk Distribution

Once the signal for trades has been generated, the next step for the bot is to distribute risks. As you know, one of the reasons for using a crypto trading bot in the first place is to reduce your risk exposure, especially when you are not active in the market.

The risk distribution includes, but is not limited to setting Stop Losses and setting a price for buying specific crypto assets.

3.    Order Execution

The trading bot is now ready to execute the buy orders for the crypto already analyzed. It will also sell the crypto using the pre-generated trading signal.

Types of Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

Several trading bots exist in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. These bots are saddled with different responsibilities.

The types of crypto trading bots include:

1.    Basket Order Bots

This is a type of cryptocurrency trading bot that buys and sells multiple crypto coins at once. This is impressive because it helps to spread your trading capital across different assets for maximal gains.

2.    Historical Price Data Bots

These types of crypto trading bots leverage the different prices of a crypto asset over time to make informed trading decisions.

This evaluation is made by check the historical price data of the coin. With the data, the bot can then execute profitable trades.

3.    Arbitrage Bots

The discrepancies or differences in the prices of cryptocurrencies are an opportunity for traders to make money. The only drawback is that some traders might not be fast enough to buy a coin at a cheaper rate on one exchange and sell higher on another.

This is what the Arbitrage cryptocurrency trading bot does for you. With this bot, investors can quickly make profits via the fast execution of buy and sell orders across exchanges with discrepancies in crypto prices.

The bot also does this in a way that the Buy and Sell orders are executed before the cryptocurrency exchanges update the prices of those cryptocurrencies.

Critical Factors to Consider before Choosing a Crypto Trading Bot

Using a bot to trade is important, especially if you don’t have lots of time to spend monitoring the market. At the same time, it may not be a good idea, considering that the bot may need to be kept an eye on to ensure it is working as expected.

Here are some ideas to help you choose the best cryptocurrency trading bot:

1.    How Profitable is the Bot?

Managing risks and pulling in huge profits are the two basic functions of a crypto trading bot. Thus, find out if the bot has a higher chance of meeting those needs.

2.    How Secure is the Bot?

It wouldn’t be a great idea to hand over your cryptocurrency portfolio to an unsecured bot. the key is to find out the security apparatuses used by the bot.

Consider going through the reviews of past and current users to find their thoughts on the bot’s security features.

3.    Does the Bot have a Friendly Interface?

Cryptocurrency trading bots are a new phenomenon. As such, the bot is expected to have a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use.

Wrapping Up

A cryptocurrency trading bot can help maximize your cryptocurrency investment. But for that to happen, you must have picked the best bot out of the list. Doing this successfully requires researching about the developers, the reliability of the bot, and the overall experience of the previous and current users.

Do you think using a crypto trading bot for trading is worth the risk?

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