What are the Top AI Companies in the USA?

Several of the world’s leading companies in AI are based in the US. Although the adoption of AI in the business world is still far from its peak, many companies are actively investing in artificial intelligence solutions. This is a list of the top AI companies in the US. It includes four industry leaders and five emerging firms that are pioneering new AI applications.

The Certified Industry Leaders in AI – Top 4


The most highly-valued public company in the world has invested a lot in AI technology. The company’s main focus is integrating AI into all Apple devices. By reaching its AI objectives, Apple can cement its status as the king of the world’s hardware-software network.

In 2021, Apple promises to create at least 3,000+ new senior-level jobs in machine learning and AI engineering.

Nvidia Corp.

This high-end chipmaking company provides AI-grade semiconductors for autonomous vehicles, high-performance gaming devices, and AI supercomputers. It purchased Arm, one of its key competitors (a chip design company from the UK), for $40 billion in 2019.

The company is also touted to provide graphics processing units (GPUs) and semiconductors to power “Leonardo.” It’s the world’s fastest AI supercomputer, being designed in Italy.

Alphabet/Google’s Google AI

Worth over $1.7 trillion, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) launched Google AI in 2010. This research lab in Mountain View, California, tests new AI technologies daily to improve Google’s search engine’s operations.

It’s also a leading player in deep learning techniques, self-driving cars, and quantum computing. Google AI is key to achieving Google’s mission to organize all the information in the world and make it globally accessible.

Amazon Web Services

Based in Seattle, Washington, AWS has had the deepest set of AI-powered tools and solutions for business since 2006. It’s the market leader in the Enterprise AI sector. Businesses frequently use AWS’s AI Services, be it adding virtual assistants to apps or obtaining advanced analytics.

The company is currently focusing on improving its Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition technologies.

The Top AI Companies of the Future

Here are some notable forward-looking AI companies that are revolutionizing different sectors in AI. Their inventive approaches have caught the eyes of many industry leaders.


Founded in 2013, this cognitive computing firm from Austin, Texas, offers AI solutions to ExxonMobil, Morgan Stanley, NBC, and JPMorgan Chase. These companies use CognitiveScale’s software to deploy self-learning business processes and automate various decision-making responsibilities.

The firm’s key focus areas are AI and Blockchain technology. Their software helps companies in the financial, healthcare, and digital sectors deploy mass-scale solutions for consumers. CognitiveScale’s software is also known for being “human-friendly.”


BRIDGEi2i is one of the leading Enterprise AI firms based in Fremont, California. It specializes in helping businesses create AI roadmaps. AI-powered digital transformation is critical in 2021 for all types of businesses. That’s why BRIDGEi2i’s predictive analytics tools or their machine learning algorithms are valuable for different businesses in different ways.

The company helps firms across various industries – from marketing, eCommerce to insurance companies. It offers tools like the “Sales Watchtower”, which make it easy for firms to track and modify their customer acquisitions in real-time.


Canvas was founded by Kevin Albert, one of the brains behind the viral sensation BigDog, a four-legged military robot. Naturally, Canvas is focused on normalizing the use of AI-powered robots in the real world. Canvas’s main focus is currently on construction. The company’s tools can automate repetitive tasks like drywall installation.

Canvas’ robots have helped construction workers across the US reduce drywall installation times. With the help of Canvas’ robots, construction workers could finish seven days of work in just two. The increase in efficiency was good enough to secure $24 million in Series B funding. This company is the one to look out for in the AI robotics sector.


Cylance has been a leading cybersecurity firm for almost ten years. It integrates sophisticated ML algorithms into its security software to understanding a hacker’s mentality. As a result, its ability to perform predictive detection improves every year.

Every year the company helps several firms avert potential threats, malware attacks, DDoS attacks, etc. More importantly, the company is invested in various breakthrough mathematical processes that are advancing predictive AI tools.


Dataminr is one of the most interesting AI companies in the US. It serves PR firms, news agencies, corporate security firms, and various other industries. Dataminr’s powerful data gathering and categorizing tools allow companies to collect all publicly available information and make real-time applications.

For example, a news agency can use Dataminr’s software to track breaking information from social media platforms and other news platforms in real-time. With partners in over 70 countries, Dataminr is at the forefront of AI, ML, and high-speed computing innovation.

When it comes to providing actionable AI solutions, are there important differences between these categories of top AI companies? No. AI is still a relatively unexplored sector. Size is not a major factor in the AI sector. The overall quality of the AI tools and solutions these companies create is the most important factor.

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