The Importance Of Customer Service In The Business

If we talk about one of the most under-valued assets in business, customer service would probably be the one. However, in reality, it is one of the key driving forces for any business and has a significant impact on how customers view your business.

There is no doubt that having excellent product/service, marketing, sales, technology, manufacturing, etc., is essential but, so is having great customer service. It has a direct connection between your organization and your customers.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the factors that will explain how important good customer service is for your business.

  • Better Brand Reputation

Your brand reputation goes a long way. It helps to gain new customers, find investors, and attract employees. Above all, it helps your company to grow faster.  If your customers are happy, they are going to recommend your product to their friends and family. According to a survey conducted by NewVoiceMedia, 69% of the customers recommend a brand to their friends or family if the customer service experience is positive.

That positive word of mouth leads to a positive brand reputation, and if you fail to grasp that opportunity, it becomes difficult to build a positive brand reputation among customers. Moreover, you have to invest significantly more to be at the top which can simply be done by investing little in customer service for your business.

  • A Competitive Advantage

No matter what products or services you offer, you want your business to be the market leader, and be prominent among the masses. Obviously, you are not putting all the effort to be the second-best at something. One way to do that is by offering a different product that is amazing in every aspect. However, what can you do to stand out when there is not much difference in the products? Perhaps, the answer lies in customer service.

When utilized properly, good customer service can become a competitive advantage and tip the scale in your favor. It is also the reason why some businesses do very well despite having a normal product. Many companies in America are known for good customer service. For instance, the reason why Cox Communication is so popular among internet users is because of its amazing customer service along with its telecommunication service. Cox customer service is considered the best because their support department makes sure that their customers get the best after-sale service. They know that each unhappy customer will affect their business and will stop them from growing.

If you want the same growth of your company as the other well-known organizations, invest in customer service, as you plan to invest in marketing and improving other aspects of your business.

  • Increases Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are an excellent way for a brand to boost its sales. They are the ones who will frequently use your products and promote them without any cost, and it is an objective for every business to have loyal customers.

However, that loyalty comes from trust in the brand. If there is no trust, there will not be any loyalty, and this trust is gained through exemplary customer service.

When customers interact with your customer service team, it becomes the base of how that customer will perceive your brand. You can use those opportunities to build long-term relations, and gain loyalty. Moreover, when that happens, the chances for your business to run in the long term are bright.

  • More Revenues

Customer loyalty aside, a great customer service experience means that customers will buy that product again. According to research on customer behavior, 50% of the customers frequently purchase the products after a great customer service experience.

That in other words means that you get more sales which result in more revenue.

Not just that, since that experience is shared with many via word of mouth, there is a possibility that others who hear about it will buy your products as well. In that case, you get new customers and more sales without incurring any marketing cost. Therefore, this is a plus from every aspect.

Moreover, what if there is no customer service or worse, that the customer service is not good? The same customers will cost your brand a lot since there is no one to assist them and take care of their concerns. They will spread the negative word, which will hurt your brand image and decrease your sales.

  • Increased Customer Retention

Customer retention means keeping your current customers happy to the extent that they purchase from you repeatedly. It is often observed that the cost to gain a new customer is much more than retaining one. That is why many businesses prefer to retain their customers rather than spending a huge amount on getting new ones.

If you want to do the same, customer service is the key. It is vital to provide your customers with a good customer service experience along with offering a good product or service.

Another very important factor that comes in here is the Customer Life Time Value. A customer’s lifetime value is the measure of maximum expected revenue that your company can earn from a customer and the more it is, the better.

If you can retain your customers successfully, that would also mean an increase in sales.

Summing Up

If you want your business to be successful, and not be a part of that 50% that close down during the first 5 years, good customer service can do that for you. It will make your customers happy, bring more revenues, decrease your costs, offer you a competitive advantage, and above all, help your business to sustain and grow in long term.

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