How to Create a YouTube Channel to Grow Your Brand and Make Money

YouTube has been the world’s largest user-generated content platform for years now. With more people getting internet access, YouTube has become highly competitive as there is one YouTuber in every household. This is why knowing how to capitalize on this opportunity, where viewers are flooding in, gets very important. If you also want to market your business on YouTube and earn money from it, then this article is just for you. In this article, we’ll tell you 5 tips on how to advertise your content on YouTube and how to make money from it. However, one simple way is to buy real YouTube subscribers, which we’ll talk about a bit later in the article. But before all that let’s understand how youtube works.

The way YouTube works is you have to create a channel and keep posting content on it. Eventually when you reach the milestone of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time then YouTube starts paying you for your efforts. This takes a bit of time, but once monetized your account can skyrocket if you follow the tips we’re going to give you today.

Customize Your Youtube Channel

Customizing your YouTube channel means that you have to come up with a name that is easy to remember and is relevant to what you’re posting. Once that is done, get a channel art created or create it yourself. Channel art is basically like a board that shows your personality as a YouTuber. Once you’re done with the channel art and the name, the next thing on the list is to create inro and an outro for your videos. Since intro and outro are signatures of a YouTuber, make it with dedication and make sure that it is unique in style. You can take inspiration from your favorite YouTubers, but dont try to copy from someone.  However, if you dont know how to make an intro for your video, then there are multiple guides on YouTube where you can learn from, or you can hire someone o do the job for you. This concludes customizing your account, so let’s move on to the next step.

Master The Video Titling

What this means is, most of your traffic on a YouTube video is because of the title you use and the thumbnail you put up. This is because people can’t see what’s in your video before opening it and hence they can only assume from the title you put up. Hence title becomes a crucial part of your YouTube video. But how should you title a video to get more views? Well, that is simple. The tools you have to use here are exaggeration and clickbait. What clickbait means is that you put up a catchy title that is not exactly relevant to your video, but is something that people like to engage with. For example, if you’re trying to put up a vlog to the wax museum, you can write, “I met Shah Rukh Khan today” in the title and it’s bound to get views. The next tool to use is an exaggeration. This is similar to click-baiting, except there is some relation of the title with the video itself. So those are the two tools to be used for the title.

Putting Up Thumbnails

Thumbnails are very important for your YouTube videos as they fuel the views. This is because the thumbnail is what people use to judge your videos from and hence putting up a decent thumbnail becomes very important. There are a few aspects to a great thumbnail. This includes, first of all, a high-quality image that clearly shows a glimpse of the video. Use of bold typography to reel the viewers in. and third the reaction. Well, to elaborate more on it, the more vibrant and contrasty your video title is, the more views it gets. But if you do manage to get overboard with the colors people will not click on it, because it gets too loud. Now coming to emotions, human beings are emotional creatures. We live off emotions hence, having a strong emotion being portrayed in the thumbnail reels more people in. this could be, surprise, shock, grief, anger, and joy. If you can make your face express these emotions in the thumbnail, then your chances of getting more views increase instantly.

Buy Youtube Subscribers

Now that you’re making great content, writing decent headlines, and making high-quality thumbnails, you need people to watch it. For that purpose, you need to build a community. Since people attract people, having a set number of subscribers is going to catalyze the process of building a YouTube community in your favor. When people see that a set number of people are already subscribed to you, they tend to think that your content is great and hence start following your YouTube channel as well. This is called peer mentality or group decision phenomenon. Since human psychology works that way, you can capitalize on it as a social media marketer. However, if you buy poor-quality subscribers, then it can reduce the engagement on your channel as the algorithm is constantly identifying dead accounts. This is why we recommend Viralyft, Getviral, and

Create Multiple Youtube Channels With The Same Branding

Once you’ve set up one YouTube channel and made sure there is engagement, you can go ahead and create multiple YouTube channels for the subcategories you operate in. Now that you know how to, the channels won’t take much time to grow and the videos that you put up there are going to earn you money simultaneously, considering your account has already been monetized. However, don’t forget to put the same branding on your account because you don’t want to lose out on brand awareness. This will make your multiple streams of income even from YouTube and hence you should try this out definitely.


YouTube is a quickly growing platform and hence there is an opportunity to capitalize on it to make content and get more eyeballs on it. This makes it possible for you to grow your brand on different platforms and hence makes it possible for you to see a boom in your sales and reach. If you haven’t used any of these tips before, we highly recommend using them if you want to grow your business on YouTube.

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