5 Digital Marketing Strategies for after COVID Startups Business Tactics

The existing state of alarm created by the COVID-19 is an unusual crisis that has totally changed the global business situation and especially impacts small companies and startups that have fewer resources.

During these days, we have seen how many companies and businesses have closed their doors due to their lack of demand and to avoid losses that lead to the suspension of payments.

That is why, today, we are going to talk about top digital marketing strategies for after the COVID-19 situation and that is how Thailand’s entrepreneurs are using automated business tactics.

These top strategies are the following:

  1. Review and audit of web pages
  2. Online positioning
  3. Digital strategy
  4. Optimization of the content using Grammarly and plagiarism checker
  5. A good investment in training and use of Social Platforms


Despite the circumstances caused by Coronavirus, the digital zone is facing unprecedented growth.

We must keep in mind that despite the fact that many companies have stopped investing in digital marketing and web positioning, this channel can assist companies to improve their digital strategies to position themselves better.

Thus they can create more sales or provide more services, not only now with this current situation but also in the future.

It is important to keep in mind that a good marketing strategy not only implies digital advertising but also different areas depending on the sector and the circumstances.

Businesses and companies are in a hurry to change their marketing strategies to achieve their business goals in this new environment.

To help marketers make the right decisions, we are suggesting the above-mentioned 5 strategies in Digital Marketing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s discuss them in detail:

Review and audit of web pages

Many companies and businesses choose to invest huge amounts of money in online advertising campaigns but very often ignore their website and the advantages that a custom design can bring to each company.

Now it is the perfect time to review and update the following factors in this difficult period:

  • Content and Information
  • The structure of the web
  • The positioning
  • Correct internal positioning
  • The product sheets in online commerce
  • The services
  • The usability

A modified view requires a deep re-evaluation in terms of marketing strategy and overall business goals.


Marketers can utilize the time they work from home to consider their brand purpose and define a new set of messages.


Online positioning

Visibility, discourse and online positioning on the web must be the first priority for the companies when carrying out digital strategy.

More than 70 percent of people search Google for what they want to buy.

Even most people do not go beyond the first page of Google when they do their search for a specific product or service.

This is why it is important to maintain your web positioning on different search engines.

And obviously, if our potential clients do not discover us easily on Google, it does not make sense to have a website or online store.

Digital Strategy

The main goal is to sell a product, service, or get new clients.

However, many companies do not have a good sales structure to get leads and to attract customers.

Most of the time we only concentrate on increasing the number of visits to our page and we forget that only 5 percent of the audience visit our website, contact us or make a purchase.

The crucial thing is to focus on 95 percent of the audience who leave the website within seconds of entering.

Reviewing how to attract customers and start implementing those strategies is a great way to survive and grow in this hard telework situation.


Optimization of the content using Grammarly and plagiarism checker

One of the best methods to do right digital marketing is through content optimization.

Because in this way we can reach the user more directly and thus improving our positioning naturally.

Content is currently one of the most demanding aspects of users.

Reading is increasing, especially on websites as people are feeling more connected than before in this pandemic situation.

So, it is important to optimize your content and update information on your site.

Take benefit from online tools and correct spelling and grammar mistakes using Grammarly and you can also use free grammar checker tool for you ease.


Check duplication in your content through a plagiarism checker and try to make it unique by using paraphrasing techniques.

In the end, make your images, videos, and audios high-quality so that a customer does not leave your website because of the low-quality content.

A good investment in training and use of social platforms

Many people benefit from training during this hard time.

Training in areas such as digital strategies related to our business can be very helpful when the crisis is over and everything is back on track.

It is important to focus on social media marketing as well because more and more people are on social networks in this time of crisis.

A good marketing strategy related to them combined with improving the content is the key to attract more audiences.


It is the best time to contact a skilled society manager to study the objectives, seek new work strategies and recommendations to obtain achievable results in a minimum period.

Even though that digital marketing is suffering at the moment, it is also true that there are other areas of this marketing that require improvement at this time.

For this reason, we must have two very obvious aspects:

  1. The entire population including potential customers are connected now more than ever.
  2. Your competitors are not investing much digitally, so take advantage of it.

Last Words

Unfortunately, the current situation will take many months to pass and will generate a serious readjustment in the market.

Only those who tolerate this period and are well-positioned will be able to take advantage of the start of new activity and obtain clients.


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