Do Your Hands Shake Unnaturally? Know Why

Are you troubled by the condition of your shaky hands and wondering What causes hands shaking? There are plenty of reasons why your hands are trembling.

Tremors are one such common reason behind this issue.

Causes Behind Shaking Hands

Hand Tremors

  • Hand tremors, as an important symptom of Parkinson’s disease, are common. There are plenty of types of Tremors, such as Essential tremors, Post-stroke tremors, Medication induced tremors, Etc.


  • For the treatment, the doctor does a full detailed diagnosis and checks by running, a lot of tests in the lab. Trembling hands might also be attributed to a thyroid ailment or prolonged period of exposure to alcohol consumption and then sudden withdrawal from it. There are plenty of other reasons which can cause irregular tremors

Occupational Therapy

  • Besides essential tremors, which either need medicine, occupational therapy, or surgery to correct the issue. Another problem that can be blamed for your shaking hand is Parkinson’s Disease. It usually starts on one hand and over time, spreads to the other.

Lack Of Coordination

  • Your movement gets slow with time and you start facing a lack of coordination and stiff arms and legs the treatment involves medication and surgery for better muscle control.

Therapist’s Help

  • Multiple sclerosis or MS is another problem that might be an answer to what causes shaking hands. A therapist can help to diagnose¬† your problem and treat with proper medication

Overconsumption of Caffeine

  • Another reason which might cause too much shaking of hand is the consumption of caffeine over the normal amount. Caffeine is a stimulant and natural chemicals, but overconsumption of caffeine might lead to shaky hands. Caffeine is usually present in coffee over-the-counter, headache medicine, chocolate, etc.

Trembling of Hands

  • Is it midnight and you are still wondering what causes hands shaking? then make a note that even lack of sleep and extra stress can cause trembling of hands. So go to sleep immediately.

Certain Medications

  • Another underrated cause of shaking hands is no blood sugar and the blood sugar reaches below the natural level due to diabetes or Certain Medicationsor even sudden Change in dietary practices. It may cause your nerves and muscles to behave unnaturally.

Shake Are Naturally

  • Smoking is also one of the important reasons why your hand might Shake are naturally. It present in tobacco is addictive that makes your heart beat faster as a result it might cause your hands to shake.
  • Lack of vitamin. B12 is also a reason why your hand might be trembling.
  • Liver disorders, brain disorders, etc, can also cause trembling hands.

Proper Dietary Plan

  • So, the solution from Unnatural handshaking is the proper dietary plan. Enough exercise enough amount of sleep, and rest. And it is very important, to stay away from any kind of stress if necessary meditation can provide immense relief.


Henceforth, there are plenty of answers to what causes handshaking, but if you’re shaking hands has become a long-term ailment that is just refusing to give up then consult a doctor immediately. Get diagnosed stay fit. Stay healthy.

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