Review: EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free is a must-have for transferring the files to a new system. The task of moving the data needs to be done carefully and efficiently. The transfer must be done in such a way that no information is either damaged or lost. EaseUS is the right solution to the file transfer that supports the transition successfully. In this entire process, neither anything is lost nor damaged. The software can be bought in three different editions. The user can get the one that best suits the needs and requirements of the users. The versions include one free and two paid.

Why use EaseUS Todo PCTrans?

It is a simple transfer solution that allows copying the files from one device to another. It is designed to help move the files, applications, settings, and even user profiles on the old system to the new one. It supports all the applications used frequently, like the Adobe products, security software, MS Office, and others. There is no need to take out the hardware, just get the computers linked with the PCTrans, which would help you manage the task like an efficient windows migration assistant.

What makes EaseUs Todo PCTrans Better?

The computer users are always searching for something easy. The tedious and hectic routines compel them to search for software as simple as this transfer application. It is the right and easy way to handle the transfer without any unnecessary struggle. All it needs for proper functioning is the choice of method, receiving system, and the data that needs to be transferred using windows migration assistant. As the installation gets completed, the user is inquired about his willingness to initiate the transfer. The interface is equally user friendly. The left side panel has most of the features that you need. The EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free allows three kinds of transfers:

  • PC to PC
  • Image transfer
  • App migration

Things to Check Before Using

Before actually getting the application for the system, make sure that the following prerequisites are fulfilled. In the absence of these, it is not possible to have it installed properly.

  1. System Requirements
  •  • Windows XP 32bit
  •  • Windows Vista 32bit/64bit
  •  • Windows 7 32bit/64bit
  •  • Windows 8/8.1 32bit/64bit
  •  • Windows 10 32bit/64bit
  •  • Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019
  1. The new computer is working with the updated Operating System that is either equal or better than the older source.
  2. Both PCs have got Todo PCTrans.

In case the user is doing the transfer with the help of LAN, then it is essential to consider the following points:

  1. Make sure that the connection is stable.
  2. Don’t forget to disable the antivirus and the firewall on both the source and the target.

How to transfer the data using EaseUS Todo PCTrans?

Once you have got all the details from EaseUs Tran, it is time to explore the benefits of the application. The entire work can be unmanaged in just three easy steps.

  1. Use the network connection to transfer from PC to PC. If your pc is not working right then you can use reimage license key to repair the damaged PC. It is essential to keep the LAN the same for both. After the link is completed, explore the transfer direction and then scan the files you want to transfer.
  2. The other mode of transferring the data is to convert the files into an image, which allows easy export between the two devices.
  3. The App Migration option can be used to move the applications on the same system’s local disks.

Benefits of Using EaseUS Todo PCTrans

It is essential to keep things going on without any problem. The efficiency level increases when the system is clean and working swiftly. Using the Cleanup option allows cleaning the system, freeing the disk space, and removing the unnecessary files.

The cleanup option consists of

  • System Cleanup
  • Large File Cleanup

System Cleanup is the process of cleaning the junk files. These junk files are removed from the Browser, Windows Built-in Applications, and the system. This is a must perform a thing to remove the unnecessary and uplift the working of the computer. The process occurs in the following steps:

  • Run the System Cleanup function and scan the partition named C on the system. The time taken by the scan depends upon the number of files on the system.
  • You can select the files either manually or by the default option.
  • After selecting the files, click to start the Cleanup. At the completion, a box saying completed will pop up on the screen.

Large File Cleanup is required when the hard drive is running low on the memory. The low memory shows that it has become a must to clean the files. It’s Better to start looking through the files in a descending manner starting from the largest and moving downwards towards the lowest. The Large File Cleanup will quickly identify the files and remove them after scanning.

  • Find the target disk or partition that needs to be cleared and then click the scan option.
  • Select the file carefully before you delete it.



  • Perfect application for transferring all kinds of files and even account settings.


    • Available in three different versions.


  •  No need to download or purchase additional tools for cleaning. 


  • Perfect interface for beginner level users too.


  • The free version can only be used up to the limit of 500 MB.


EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free facilitates the transfer of data, including all types of files and applications, along with settings from previous Windows 7/8/XP/Vista to the latest Windows 10 operating system.

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