How to Find the Best Google Slides Templates for Your Presentations


In this digital era, every occupation demands us to craft presentations from time to time. Be it professors, CEOs, or managers, we all need to deliver the best presentations to create stunning impressions.

However, making a presentation from scratch can seem burdensome and consume much of our time. Thus, it is best to use expert-designed templates and make your presentations stand apart without putting in much effort and energy.

There are several websites that offer such templates that are curated by professional designers and are easy to use. We have shortlisted five top platforms for you. Have a look!


SlidesGo offers a diverse range of templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. There are templates available in various design styles, such as minimalist, colorful, formal, and even vintage. You can choose templates from various categories like education, marketing, business, etc.

Another amazing feature offered by SlidesGo is that if you’re looking for color-specific templates, you can easily find your perfect fit from the ‘Color’ category option on their website. This will display all templates based on that particular shade.


This website offers gripping presentation templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint. Most of their templates are a combination of 25 slides and contain useful resources such as maps, icons, and other visuals, which can be used by users for multiple purposes.

You can filter the templates by colors, topics, and styles. It allows you to choose your template according to your purpose.


If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your presentation needs, SketchBubble is the place for you. With over 1,50,000+ designs, it offers templates for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote. There are templates suitable for every occupation, be it managers, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, etc.

One of the best features offered by SketchBubble is that all their templates can be completely customized by the user according to his/her needs in terms of color, style, font, alignment, etc.

GoogleSlides Themes

If you’re looking for an expansive library of Google Slides templates, this website is the place for you. You can find presentation templates for almost all themes, subjects, and purposes. You can even filter by color, tag, category, etc., and browse through various templates.

These templates can be downloaded as PDF or PPT or can be copied directly to Google Slides.


SlidesMania offers a distinguished collection of free templates for GoogleSlides and PowerPoint. If you’re looking for templates for education, this is one of the best websites for all your needs. Be it academic planners, certificates, mind maps, activities, etc., SlidesMania has numerous templates that are extremely user-friendly.

It also has a section where teachers and educators can share their unique templates with the world.


Pre-designed templates are a savior when you’re in a time crunch. They not only add more value to your presentations but also help deliver your message to the audience in a much better way.

Thus, we recommend you try various platforms and templates and see which one suits your needs perfectly. You can also experiment by adding icons, vectors, graphs, and other visuals from these websites and make your presentations absolutely mind-blowing.

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