What is EV Code Signing Certificate? Top Features of Comodo EV Code Signing

Nowadays, every organization focuses on optimizing its software security and reputation. And one of the best ways to do both is using an EV Code Signing Certificate. It helps them to achieve such goals simultaneously, along with giving out a high return on investment.

But what makes an EV Code Signing Certificate so much use? Let’s understand it by going through a detailed definition and features of a popular EV solution, Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate.

Going through Basics: What is EV Code Signing Certificate

An EV Code Signing Certificate gets used whenever an organization requires top-level software security. It only gets issued if the organization passes the Extended Validation process. Of all the types of software publisher certificates, it’s at the top due to its immense security features.

Furthermore, only organizations active for a minimum of three years can avail of it. In addition, you will need a physical address, a working mobile number, and a government ID to get it.

It works differently from IV and OV Code Signing Certificates, as it uses the external hardware token. Let’s have a look at it.

Exploring the working of EV Code Signing Certificate

EV Code Signing Certificate performs the below operations in the background, leading publishers to sign software.

Step 1: The overall source code gets hashed, generating a digest file.

Step 2: The user plugin the USB drive or hardware token to encrypt the digest file.

Step 3: Certificate details and timestamp gets added to the software.

Step 4: Signed Code is now ready. You can upload it online for users to download and install it.

Further, let’s analyze how the system verifies EV certificate-integrated software.

Step 1: When you try to install the software, the system performs hashing and generates a new digest file.

Step 2: The digest file created during signing gets cross-verified with the new digest file.

Step 3: If both the files match 100%, the timestamp and signature get attested.

Step 4: After confirming the details, installation begins if the system receives satisfactory results.

Features of the Best Code Signing Certificate: Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate

Comodo is one of the most reputed Certificate authorities. All operating systems and browsers recognize it, aiding to boost your software’s legitimacy seamlessly. Moreover, it leverages all its users with high-end performance and the following features:

Platform Independent

Comodo is a veteran Certificate Authority that understands the requirements of its customers. And for fulfilling them, it issues certificates compatible with all development platforms. You can utilize a Comodo certificate if you want to digitally sign a Windows, Adobe, or Java-based software.

Additionally, its also compatible with all the below platforms, but not limited to: 

  • Microsoft Windows (Version 8 and 10)
  • Adobe AIR
  • JAVA
  • Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Office
  • Silverlight Apps
  • Mozilla Object
  • Kernel-based Executable Files

You don’t have to purchase multiple certificates, as Comodo makes up everything for its users.

Additional Private Key Security

Extended Validation Certificates are for an additional layer of security, and Comodo fulfills it very well. Passing the Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate validation process provides you with an external hardware token. Mostly, it’s in the USB drive, storing the private key details.

Further, whenever you have to hash and encrypt the source code, you will be required to plugin the token. And, it’s the main advantage of Comodo EV certificate. You can store the USB behind multiple locks and access controls to limit usage.

As a result, people with the authority to open locks will only be able to modify the software.

Cheap Code Signing Certificate

Selecting Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate will always satisfy you. It impeccably fits within the budget, bringing you a high return on investment. You can find numerous vendors selling the Comodo Certificate and providing heavy discounts on them. It’s just a little research or visit to SignMyCode to avail of the Cheap Code Signing Certificate.

Although, you should only buy from the authorized seller to unleash the full potential. You can purchase it for only $199.99 for three years. Regardless of the low price, it assures advanced encryption, making the code tamper-proof.

SmartScreen Compatibility

Bypassing the Defender SmartScreen warnings is one of the primary purposes of using an EV Certificate. It aids the users in having a seamless download and installation experience. You can also guarantee it to your stakeholders, as Comodo EV Certificate eliminates such warnings.

In addition, you can sign unlimited executable files with it and remove warnings for them all. Hence, Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate is a fundamental pillar in boosting brand recognition across browsers and operating systems.

Trust Indicators

Once you start digitally signing the software with Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate, you will see your company name on it. Whenever the end-user tries to install the software, the organization name will also get displayed. It will help both the system and the user recognize you in the following ways:

  • The user trust will get enhanced, as the name will assure that the software is legit.
  • The system will not show any warning due to the availability of the publisher’s name.

Furthermore, you can tell your users not to install the software if it doesn’t show the firm’s name. It will help you and your users prevent altering software usage.

Compliance with every Industry Standard

To maintain its position as the leading Certificate Authority, Comodo consistently complies with all the industry policies. When you buy any certificate from Comodo, you don’t have to worry about its alignment with the required standards.

In addition, it follows all the CA/Browser guidelines, which lets Comodo EV certificate provide instant trustworthiness.

Concluding Up

When it comes to strengthening the security of a private key, an EV Code Signing Certificate is the organization’s first choice. It helps them to put private keys behind multiple locks, limiting their access. In addition, an EV certificate provides numerous leverages better than an OV certificate if you buy it from a reliable provider. And, if you want to experience all the benefits, one such solution is Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate.

Comodo has the most budget-friendly and industry-standard aligning certificate. It also ensures instant business legitimacy, helping to pass SmartScreen software verification. Also, its certificates are platform-independent, aiding in saving money and increasing company potential.

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