How To Fix Mobdro Buffering Issues On Firestick

Mobdro is a significant entertainment streaming app developed with high intelligence to offer music, movies, TV shows, news, and more. It’s among the top best free Android streaming apps online. However, the Mobdro app is not available for IOS users. Technology offers a pathway to install the app through other third-party applications.  The app’s users can avail all video contents in one pool, a unique feature of Mobdro applications.

The internet offers legal and unverified streaming apps. The user gets to choose the best app to install on their devices. They are easy to locate for legal streaming apps, especially from Google app store, Amazon app store, and other popular app stores. The challenge of using this kind of apps is that they require a high subscription fee. To access streams such as movies, TV shows, series, music, and more. This limits many online streams leaving no choice but to install unverified apps.

Unverified applications are mostly free or charge low prices for the contents. They are equipped with the best quality content. They can stream unrestricted content, which the best feature for all unverified content. However, the apps face many challenges with the law, and sometimes they are permanently shut down. The reason behind the closure is that most apps tamper with copyrighted content. The legal owner has the right to file a complaint with the government, ISP, or third-party authorities.

Mobdro app is among the many streaming apps facing legal trouble due to piracy issues. However, the app developers haven’t responded to app users. This is the main reason why Mobdro not working on your device. However, some apps make to come back again or create clone apps to continue with the streaming services.

How To Fix Mobdro Buffering Issues

Besides the closure, there are other reasons why your apps are not working on the Firestick device. You can try out any of the issues to get the app working.


  • Slow Or Poor Internet Connection


Streaming apps run using internet connections, slow or poor internet will contribute to the app buffering.  First, check your Firestick device connectivity to the internet and adjust to fix the issue.


  • Restart The Firestick Device


Restarting the device solves the buffering problem. Please press down the power button and give it time, then restart. Once it reboots, open the Mobdro app and see how it reacts.


  • Clear Cache


Mobdro app has the set memory space; once full, the cache will freeze the streams. You can clear cache memory and create space. This happens to the streaming device, clear unwanted apps from memory for better functionality.


  • Resetting Mobdro App


After trying different methods, you can reset the app using the following steps:

  • Open the device setting page and select the “apps” tab on the menu.
  • Choose Mobdro application and tap “Clear data”
  • The system will delete the data.
  • Now you can rest the app and stream your favorite content.


  • Mobdro App Update


The app developers constantly update the app versions and contents. The user needs to get the latest version and install it on the device.

  • Visit the setting tab on the device homepage.
  • Go to the Apps option and select Mobdro.
  • Click install button
  • Give the system time to complete the installation process and then launch the app.


  • Shutdown 


Streaming apps always face shut down problems; new entrants are created while others end. Users can get Mobdro alternatives from the internet for similar or better content.

To solve some of the issues, you also require a VPN service to hide your identity. This will reduce the problem with ISP and give time to enjoy the streaming app services.

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