Gaming with Blue Light Blocking Glasses

As screens are an ever-present presence in our daily life, it is essential to help protect our eyes with blue-light-blocking glasses.

So if you’ve heard of the “dangers” of blue light but are an avid gamer, then you’re in luck. While you venture out on mysterious quests, save the kingdom, or love racing you can enhance and protect your vision.

If digital devices are your second best friend but sometimes give your eyes strain or a migraine, give blue light glasses a try!

Blue light glass for gaming

If you’ve noticed eye fatigue while gaming, especially at night, we’d recommend (if you haven’t already):

  1. lowering the brightness on your screens
  2. take regular breaks
  3. try out blue light glasses

You may know some of the effects of blue light and spending hours on end in front of a digital screen:

  • Eyestrain and tired eyes
  • Increased headaches
  • Alteration to sleeping patterns

You wouldn’t want to miss that important clue if you or your eyes are tired! With blue light glasses, you can reduce glare emitted from the screen and block it from entering the eye. This will help also reduce eye strain and decrease any unpleasant headaches.

What to look for in blue light gaming glasses?

When looking for your next pair of gaming glasses with blue light blocking remember to also choose style and comfort.

  • Many gaming or blue light glasses can be fitted with prescription lenses so you can wear them all-day
  • You’ll find different style frames with blue light glasses, from classic to modern designs
  • Check your current frame size to find the best match of gaming glasses to sit correctly on your face

Getting a blue light filter added to gaming glasses is easy and fun to combine with all the glasses styles you love. Stay stylish and protected!

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