Apex Legends: Common Mistakes by Rookies to Dodge

Apex Legends is a battle royale game that has seen subsequent release in 2019 February and 2021 March as a free-to-play game on several gaming platforms. The first-person shooter game with an online multiplayer layout follows the storyline of the spinoff of Titanfall, and the diverse characters are connected to the Titanfall universe.

The plotline and characters are as addictive and mysterious as the game that blew away the gaming world upon its release in 2019. The uniqueness of the game had drawn 2.5 million players within 24 hours of its launch.

First-timers sometimes find themselves at a loss while playing Apex Legends because of the sheer tactic and commit mistakes that hamper their game. Therefore, here is a list of mistakes to avoid that can save you from a gaming disaster while playing in the squad:-

Team Break?

The most common mistake that is done not only by beginners but also by veterans is that they tend to break away from the team. The squad gets divided into almost solos, and they, subsequently, become easy targets for other enemy squads.

As Legend characters are each designed with a specific personality and unique abilities, a lone wolf versus a group with the 3 most lethal combatants is easy to wipe out in no time. Follow the tip of being in a group of 3 as then the members will have each other’s back.

Passive Battles

Only fighting head-on and neglecting the rewards are a deadly entreat because enemies lurk to launch surprise attacks.

In the spirit of eliminating other squads, the rewards that could boost the performance are left behind. There are Rare Loot zones where you can grab weapons, Care Packages for looting armors, shields, other formidable shotguns, and ransack Supply Ships.

The best tip to garner higher scores is to get possession of looting zones and hotspots because generally, these are the high-risk zones as whenever a package drops, all the squads run to these places and contest. If you conquer one of these, you can ransack the package whenever a package arrives, lure the enemies, and kill the squad that comes for it.

Weapon Strategies

Beginners tend to get over-excited by the wide range of weapons and obsessed over the armory. This leads them to get perplexed while choosing weapons, given the variables present. Choose the weapons as per need and not greed.

While choosing a weapon, do not prolong the duration by more than 5 seconds as you are the most vulnerable at that point in time, and anyone can attack you. The minimum time you take, the better, as every moment is precious in this fast-paced game.

Using thermite grenades can bring you several advantages as beginners because they cost more damage to the enemies and give you the cover to either fire or escape.

Map the Mappings

Be sure to look correctly at the map. Start from a proper location and keep checking the map because you will get to know where the next loot will be dropped. Most rookies do not pay attention to the loot and end up playing passive battles.

Maps will also provide you the locations where you can take the stances to aim at your enemies. They also act as hinting where you can take shelter, especially in solo modes.

Risks without Measures

Taking hasty and reckless risks shall deplete your chances of winning the game. Possibly, even kill you and your squad.

But some players, in the bid of not losing, do not take risks at all. While it is beneficial, it will not make you open to other horizons that lie beyond your knowledge. Taking calculated risks along with backups like restoring armor should not be a problem.

We also have some hacks and cheats that not only help you stride triumphantly through the game but also remain undetected. The apex legends aimbot, ESP, Extras, and the full-proof formidable HWID Spoofer shall boost the player and keep them under the radar from prying eyes. These cheats are indeed unethical and illegal. Therefore, the utilization of these remains a choice for players, and if you choose to, the win is undoubtedly yours.

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