A Complete Guide to Maintaining Resale Value of Your Bike

The best way to maintain a high resale value of your bike is to use it rarely. But it’s counterintuitive. After all, you purchased the bike for riding not for treasuring it until it gets old enough to be considered a collectible.

So, how can you maintain the resale value of your bike without locking it up in your garage for luxury toys? Here are a few tips to follow.

Follow the Road Safety Rules

As a rule of thumb, you cannot start biking in the UK without a license. To get the license you must practice theory test and pass it. Plus, you will need to complete compulsory basic training (CBT). Using the theory test and training as stepping stones, you will book and attempt the practical theory test.

All these exams and training will prepare you to take your bike to the road and ride it safely. In short, the purpose of your motorcycle riding licensing journey is to train you for safety. Make sure you learn your lessons and abide by them while riding. Following the rules will prevent unnecessary accidents, allowing your bike’s VIN report to appear clean.

Get Trusted Brands

Biking technology is changing rapidly. You must understand that any bike model that is released in 2023 will become lose its value considerably within a few years because of the introduction of new fuel and performance technologies.

Still, some bikes will lose value faster than others because of the brand backing them. So, if you have gotten a bike from a trusted brand, its popularity will live for decades, allowing it to maintain its value over time.


Some upgrades increase the performance and fuel efficiency of the bike. Other upgrades are only for style and finishing and are usually accomplished for personal interests and liking. The former type of these upgrades appeals to a larger customer base and increases the demand for your bike.

On the other hand, styling and finishing upgrades are different and deter customers’ interest as these upgrades may not align with their personalities and styles. As such, these upgrades lower the demand and price of your bike.

If you have envisioned reselling as the end goal of your bike, you should only invest in upgrades that increase the performance and value of your bike. Avoid customizing it to match your personality.

Bike Condition

As well as being injurious to your health, accidents and rough use decrease your bike’s worth. You will also want to avoid repainting the vehicle because fresh paint gives the impression that you are trying to hide bumps and scratches.

On the contrary, try to keep the bike in its original condition.


The first thing you must do to preserve the value of your bike is to ride it safely. Accidents and falls not only deteriorate the appearance of your vehicle but also leave its parts less efficient and prone to damage. Also, you should only invest in those upgrades that enhance the bike’s performance.

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