How Nano Influencers Make Money

We don’t divide all the influencers into two groups in 2020, macro and micro-influencers, because a new type of bloggers is gaining their positions in the market. According to official rates, only 0.4% of all the pages on Instagram have more than one million followers. Influencer marketing has become an important driving force for almost all the fields of local and international trade, and the demand for advertising posts is rising hourly. That’s why those who are considered to be popular bloggers, raise their prices for live and permanent posts, which makes the entry to influencer marketing for many middle-sized and small companies nearly impossible. That’s why we can observe the increasing profitability of the micro-influencers’ activities, and the appearance of a new group of bloggers whom we call nano influencers. Usually, they have their pages on Instagram with about 1k to 10k followers. Some of them follow a specific concept and dedicate their pages to some social issues, their own life experience, others just continue a slightly organized blog sharing memes and pictures of their routine life. They can be hardly called professional influencers, but nowadays, they tend to monetize their blogs, gaining about $50 per live video, and about $100 per post in the feed. Due to a big demand for advertising platforms among brands, these relatively small pages have gained much popularity, and these are the main reasons.

1. They are Trustworthy 

Traditional marketing says that more than half of all our purchases are made under the influence of our nearest and dearest people. Plenty of cases are still connected with the word-of-mouth effect. For instance, if my friend finds a face cream effective and enjoys using it, I will probably try it too. So, the same thing happens when a nano influencer promotes a product in their blog. First of all, nano influencers are very close to their audience, they value the people who follow them, so will analyze a potential product to be promoted more carefully, as they prefer not to gain additional income instead of losing the trust of the audience. Within a small number of their followers, there are people who know them personally, so they will definitely pay attention to their opinion, which affects the general credibility of their blogs. So, people trust them and their feedback on different products and services. People also tend to trust smaller influencers more, as they are much like their followers, and the goods they suggest are often affordable.

2. They are financially efficient to cooperate 

Many nano influencers are not financially oriented, so even a fact that one of the brands want to negotiate a possibility of cooperation can make many of them pleased. Many nano influencers don’t take money for sponsored posts, as they prefer gifted collaboration, which is often mentioned in their posts.  On the other hand, the general prices of their posts are not high in comparison to the engagement rate of the audience, so brands can hope for the results easy to estimate. Companies with limited budgets and market newcomers also find the cooperation with nano influencers very effective, as they can scale their products on real groups of potential consumers and sell their goods to more or less even groups of customers, who need the same strategy to get involved into a funnel. The ROI of this cooperation is also quite attractive in comparison to those of more popular bloggers. You can work with 10+ nano-influencers every month based solely on product exchange, affiliate commission, and other perks. There are plenty of influencer marketing databases that can help you build your influencer network, like AspireIQ. If you have time and resources to run your campaign, a database would be sufficient. Otherwise, look for an influencer network. AspireIQ competitor, helps you not only find influencers’ contacts but also build your influencer network.

Concerning the even audience, mentioned before, we often see the groups of people with the same local and social background following a nano influencer. That’s why it is easier to estimate the potential effectiveness of the future campaign, create new demand for the products in the chosen area, and gain a stable market share. The other point is that nano influencers rarely cooperate with potential competitors, and you don’t have to worry about brand switching among your customers due to the fact that a blogger decided to cooperate with other companies producing similar goods. A good idea is to engage local nano influencers to promote a future event held by your company. It doesn’t always need money support. You can just send a VIP invitation or some gifts during the event for the chosen influencer in exchange for a promotion post for the event. To make a stronger effect of the event, you can continue the cooperation with the given nano influencer after it in the form of post-event feedback and review.

4. They are easy to find and recruit

Except for hashtags they use, nano influencers are often clear in the design of their bio on Instagram. Link in bio, usually organized with the help of multi-link solutions, provides a wide range of contact information. That’s why if you are interested in cooperation with such a nano influencer, you can not only send them a direct message but also find other touch-points that may turn to be more effective. Nano influencers, in most cases, don’t hire PR agents, so you also have the possibility to negotiate with them directly, which makes the process of negotiation more pleasant and the results more flexible. There’s also an interesting effect, nano influencers have on the brands they cooperate with. Being direct and authentic, they make the brands look more friendly and agile due to the content they create for the advertising posts. So, the brands aiming to get closer to their audience will have multiple advantages of this cooperation. The interests of nano influencers are also easy to analyze with a single look at the content of their page. So, you can quickly decide whether this blogger is appropriate for your brand or no. Check the language of the posts in feed, and the comments they get, and you’ll easily understand whether it is suitable for the communication style of your company. In general, with nano influencers, all the main aspects of cooperating are clear from the very beginning, making them attractive to hire.

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