How to Fast Charge your iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone XS in Any Situation

Charging speed is something that is becoming more of a concern for a lot of smartphone users these days. Smartphones have begun using larger batteries and along with that, it takes longer to charge them. Of course, the reason that they use bigger batteries in the first place is that phones these days are more powerful and therefore consume more energy.

A new type of a battery is quite a ways off, and that’s we’re going to be delving into what chargers you should be using with the most used smartphone on the market. More specifically, the iPhones that really changed things, and that would be the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and the iPhone XS.

The reason that we’re going to cover charging for these iPhones is the iPhone X, and the iPhone 8 were actually the first ones to be Power Delivery compatible. That then continued with the iPhone XS and XS Max. Those two iPhones were also the ones that were wireless charging compatible.

In this post, we’re going to be covering the specific types of chargers in this guide that you can use to fast charge your iPhone.

Aukey 1-Port 18W Power Delivery Mini Wall Charger

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So, when it comes to fast charging your iPhone with a USB-C port, you have to make sure that it’s a Power Delivery USB-C port. What that means is that the charging port should have an 18W charging speed or higher.

Also, if you’re wondering how to charge your iPhone with a USB-C port, you’ll need a USB-C to Lightning cable and you’ll be good to go.

For the first charger, it’s a really simple one, and that would be Aukey’s single port USB-C Power Delivery wall charger. The single port on this charger has an 18W charging speed. So you’re able to fast charge your iPhone X, or iPhone 8 with it. That said, this wall charger really does only the bare minimum because it only has a single port, and therefore you can’t charge another device with it.

However, another simplistic approach from this wall charger is its small form factor. As it’s basically cube that you can take anywhere and it also has a retractable AC adapter that makes portability even easier with it.

Anker 5-Port Power Delivery Desktop Charger

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This next Power Delivery charger is a few steps above the Aukey charger that we just mentioned. This is Anker’s 5-port desktop charger that has a single USB-C Power Delivery port and another five USB-A ports. So just starting off, you can tell that you can charge plenty of other devices while you fast charge your iPhone.

The USB-C Power Delivery port on this desktop charger though is quite a lot more powerful than what the previous Aukey charger had, and that’s because this one has a 30W PD charging speed. So it can definitely fast charge your iPhone XS, and iPhone 8, but it can also charge a MacBook, too.

In regards to the USB-A ports, each of them is capable of charging at a 5V/2.4A (12W) charging speed. Another great factor with its additional four ports is that 30W of charging power is for the USB-C port and the other 30W of charging power is shared between the four USB-A ports. So there’s plenty of power to use while you’re charging with the Power Delivery port.

Aukey 10,000 Power Delivery Portable Charger with Lightning Input Port

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One charging product that has grown immensely in recent years are portable chargers, and the reason behind that is because you’re able to take these types of chargers wherever you go.

Whereas with wall chargers, your device has to stay in a single place. What’s even better now is that there are many portable chargers on the market that have fast charging techs, such as Power Delivery and Quick Charge.

This Aukey power bank is a great portable charger to use along with your iPhone because it features a USB-C Power Delivery port with an 18W charging speed. It also has a Quick Charge port, too, in case you know someone that has a Quick Charge compatible smartphone.

Another reason to get a power bank is the recharging portion. The charger has three input ports, while most other power banks have just one. It has a USB-C input, a Micro-USB, and also a Lightning input port.

Along with all that, this Aukey power bank has a 10,000mAh power capacity that can charge most iPhones to their full power about two times.

AIDEAZ 20,000mAh Portable Charger with PD and Wireless Charging

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Another type of a portable charger that’s perfect to use for the iPhone is this AIDEAZ portable charger. The power bank is on the higher capacity side, with its 20,000mAh power capacity, so you’re able to charge your iPhones to its full power multiple times. In addition, charging other devices to full power at the same time is also possible.

The charging power from this power bank is great. As there’s a Quick Charge port, a USB-C Power Delivery port and the power bank even has wireless charging. Yes, wireless charging, and that’s a great plus because these new iPhone models are also wireless charging compatible. These types of chargers are the best power banks to get, as they have a lot to offer.

So you can charge them just by placing your phone on top of this power bank.

To top it all off, this portable charger also has an LCD display. The display shows the remaining power capacity, and what charging method is being used.

CHOETECH 18W USB-C Power Delivery Car Charger

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Fast charging a smartphone while you’re driving can be one of the most useful ways to fast charge your phone. That’s because when you’re not using your phone, and that’s when it’s able to charge at its fastest speed.

This CHOETECH car charger is one of the best car chargers to purchase for charging your iPhone, and also for charging other devices at the same time, too.

As the charger has a USB-C Power Delivery port, along with another two USB-A ports with a 12W charging speed each. So if you have passengers they can charge their devices, while you fast charge your iPhone.

Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Charging Stand

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One other type of charger that you should consider using for your iPhone is a wireless charger. As we mentioned, along with the usage of Power Delivery, the iPhone is also wireless charging compatible. Not only that, it has a fast wireless charging ability, too, which is at 7.5W.

However, you have to be careful about which wireless charger you purchase, as most wireless chargers on the market just have standard wireless charging at 5W. Or some of them are “Fast wireless chargers”, but only have fast charged for Samsung smartphones.

This Anker PowerWave wireless charging stand actually features a 7.5W fast charging speed for the iPhone. What’s even better is that you get a stand type of form factor so that it’s possible to actually use your phone while it’s charging from it.


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