Who is the Hotel Guest of 2020?

The evolution of technology has heavily impacted on almost every industry, including that of hospitality. The perception of standard service provision in hotels is very different now to what it had been even 5-10 years ago. There are expectations on contemporary hotels which would have been the realm of fantasy only a few years back, with customization at the heart of most of these technological advances, as you will see from the below infographic by The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens.

Who is the hotel guest of 2020


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When booking their stay, many hotel guests now try to set a highly customized itinerary for every day and night of their visit. For example, they might arrange to have a spa treatment on their first day, go golfing the next day, and so forth. Most hotels now have reservation systems that are advanced enough to easily accommodate bespoke guest schedules.

Many hotels now have sensory technology which attempts to capture the mood of guests, so management can spot if a guest is unhappy with his/her stay and duly take steps to rectify any dissatisfaction while the guest is still there, instead of being left at the mercy of a scathing review afterwards. Even the rooms can gauge a person’s mood and automatically adjust its temperature and lighting in line with how the guest is feeling.

One of the most interesting technological development is the use of a single virtual fingerprint for every task that requires guest identification, which means the end of having to produce a variety of cards and licenses to verify a person’s identity. This works through RFID technology, with each person having a unique ID based on their fingerprint.

The modern hotel guest has come to expect features like these when booking their stay, so hotels must do all they can to keep up or else risk being steamrollered by the competition. You can read more about these technological features in the infographic above.

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