Wondering Whether I Should Sell My Xbox One? Do These Steps First

Launched in 2013, Xbox has now succeeded with the entire new Xbox generation: Series X and Series S. If you are contemplating whether I should sell my Xbox one to upgrade to either of these two series, we will show you how you can do so. Selling your old console not only declutters your gaming area but helps you fund your new gaming console.

Single ‘Sell my Xbox one’ google search will show up several trade-in websites that will offer decent value for your gaming console. Select a website, fill in the basic details, outline what kind of condition your system is in. The better state your console is in, the higher the amount you are likely to get for it. But Before you pack up your gaming console, be sure to keep these points in mind.

Delete Data and User Accounts

As with any modern device, you have to do a factory reset setting on your console to ensure the data is protected. Your profile is tightly integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem and thus, it is very important to make sure any traces of personal information is erased before handing the console over. Resetting your console will erase all accounts, settings, and saved games.

Have A Spare Controller Or Headset? Throw That In Too

Whether you’ve received it with Xbox or with some other gadget, adding accessories of any kind will add more value to the overall package. If you look at it from the new-gamers perspective, your old Xbox one and accessories kit will certainly stand out from other sellers and drive the total package cost. Result? You could buy an updated version of accessories with your new Xbox series, and don’t forget the clutter you will remove from your life!

Clean Your Gadget To Add A Little Extra To The Final Value

When you are selling via trade-in websites where photos are the only way one could get to know the condition of your console, a little dusting, and some polish to shine up glossy surfaces could fetch you a great deal; both online and in-person. In case there is a scratch, don’t hide it when advertising. Your listings should be honest; many sites have policies where if the seller has falsely adversities their product, those sites favor the buyer in case of a dispute.

Now, List Your Xbox One

Now that you’ve prepped your Xbox one, it’s time to choose a portal where you need to sell. One could go for auction websites such as Amazon, eBay, craigslist, etc., where if one lists their product and asks for a reasonable price, it won’t be difficult to get a good price. It is advisable to go for an online listing if you can do enticing photography and in-depth description of your console; you can get credible leads in a very short time.

The holiday season is upon us, and you might be thinking about getting a new gaming console. If you are short of cash to buy a new Xbox series, selling your Xbox one is a no-brainer. Trade in your old Xbox one for some extra money, or you can also sell it to your friend, but whatever you do, don’t let your Xbox one rot in the graveyard of unused tech. Before trading off or passing it off to your friend, you must remove your data and account info from your old Xbox.

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