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Before photography was invented in the mid 19th century, toys were invented to view a list of cartoons in rapid motion to create an illusion of movements. These so-called cartoon arts were first placed in a twirling disc called phenakistoscope in 1832. After two years, Willaim George Horner invented a similar device.


This device he invented is the early form of a motion picture projector, called a zoetrope. Then the rest is history to tell. Movies have become one of our favorite past times, not only before but up to now. Years ago, people all around the globe, when technology was still starting, they used to set up antennas to watch their favorite movies or Tv shows.

Some of our grandparents and great grandparents used to go out every weekend to watch movies. These options still live up to now, but the streaming services have changed how people watch televisions through technological evolution. People nowadays have become more critical of which movie they should watch over their spare time.

Due to the busy world today, your spare time is significant to you, and you don’t want to spend it up on a movie that is not your type or not your interest. There are many websites on the web that can give you comments about the latest films,but not all are trusted. IMDb is one of the best sites for movie critics to help you find the perfect movie that suits you.

Getting To Know IMDb

Before the name IMDb, it was first known as rec arts movies, movie database. This fantastic website was created by Mr. Col Needham, a computer programmer whose dream was to keep records of the names of actors, actresses, and even directors and their films. In 1990 on October 17, he launched the Unix shell Scripts.

This programming contains a list of different movies, a so-called database of movies where IMDb was born.  IMDb has been on the web for more than 20 years, but not everyone knows what IMDb is. It is the Internet Movie Database, which serves as an online encyclopedia of millions of films, Video games, and other media contents.

This website also features different reviews, worldwide ratings, and critiques of IMDb movies available online, games, and even Tv shows or series. You can easily find the information about the film you are searching for. This was a fan-based site, but today it works as a subsidiary of Amazon, and it continues being improved by adding different features.

IMDb Pro

IMDb Pro is one of the IMDb features, where the contact information and representation details are updated up to date. You can also promote yourself in one of the world’s popular and authoritative databases of movies, TV shows, and celebrity content. You can also add up to 200 images of your choice and manage professional information and client roasters.


IMDb Pro is an expanded title database, and it has the ability to track news for titles and people and even receive notifications from their updates. It also has casting services, Companymeter, movie meter, star meter rankings. Box office information and daily industry news are parts of the perks of IMDb Pro. Now, IMDb Pro is available on the app store for an on the go access.


A FREE ad-supported movie streaming website created and designed by Amazon. Unlike other online streaming sites, such as Netflix, Prime Video, iFlix, Hulu, IMDb is completely free with no subscription plans. However, in return, you have to watch different kinds of commercials at the beginning of each movie or TV series.


There are a number of advertisements that will last around 90 seconds. Each ad will be placed during the beginning, middle, or end of the movie, depending on how many hours that movie will somehow take. One hour contains around 3-4 while a two-hour movie will contain around 6-7 numbers of ads.

Don’t mind those ads; what’s important is that you can watch high-quality movies for free at your own phase and time with no monthly subscriptions and limitations. Although it is only available in the United States, and the US territories, worry not because they are already planning on expanding their users around the globe

You can still access their websites for movie ratings and critiques to help you find the movie you’re searching for. You can also still watch trailers of upcoming movies, TV shows and series through the IMDb website.


For free movie streaming, IMDb is one of the best that you can find with millions of movies available on one website. Netflix, Hulu, and others can be beaten up by what IMDb can provide. Though the ads may sometimes get annoying for some of us but remember, there are some reasons because free is sometimes not free.

You’re lucky if you’re in the US or some of their territories because you can stream anything you want with no subscription and it is also available in App stores. You can easily download the app for free and stream anytime and anywhere you want.

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