How IP-telephony Is Solving Typical Problems Of Small Businesses

New entrepreneurs face many challenges. We’ll take a look at typical small business challenges and show you how to take advantage of IP telephony technology and overcome many of the challenges.

Client Search and Promotion

Social networks for many companies are the first source of customers. And entrepreneurs take the opportunity to offer a free product, inviting an interested audience to visit the site and leave contacts for feedback. This is where IP telephony for business comes into play. And you will quickly appreciate the benefits of this type of connection.

To call all users who left applications, it is desirable to have inexpensive rates for outgoing calls. The virtual number gives this opportunity.

By connecting such a service, you can communicate even with those buyers who are in another country. And spend less money. This is possible because Freezvon chose SIP from a variety of IP telephony protocols – cheap calls, SMS and fax exchange are available with this protocol. You can choose the type of number (mobile or landline) that is most convenient for communicating with your audience.

If you use targeting to search for customers, then when leading users to your site, you can use the Call from the site widget. To chat with a free manager, the user just needs to click on the button and activate the widget. Click to Call does not oblige users to do anything, even to spend money on the phone.

Advantages of the Calls from the site service:

  • Eliminates unnecessary actions for the visitor – no need to look for a company number, dial it on the phone;
  • Saves the client’s time – the widget appears on the page where the user is located in order to attract his attention;
  • Uses the call as an additional incentive to action;
  • Adapted for mobile device users.

Business Growth Planning

When the audience is clearly defined, a young business will receive the first sales in a short time and will be able to continue scaling. VoIP allows you to take into account both seasonal demand and build a strategy for the company’s stable growth.

As the team grows, as well as the number of calls from customers, you can order additional virtual numbers or connect more lines. New channels for incoming calls are connected for $5 per month. In addition, there is a special multi-channel number – with it, managers can communicate with several buyers in parallel. If the business is focused on outbound sales, it will be beneficial to increase the number of SIP accounts. One account has 3 outgoing lines.

Freezvon support consultants will help you plan your scaling and respond to queries 24/7.

Talent Search

It often happens that a company was created abroad in order to be closer to investors, and the entrepreneur wants to form a team of specialists from his “native” region. In order for the manager to keep in touch with the team, it is convenient to have a virtual number of the desired country. You can negotiate with specialists from different countries using cheap communications. And the costs will pay off quickly when you find the best specialists who will take the company to a new level.

Proper Assessment of Invested Resources

Competent cost planning is something without which it will be difficult for small businesses to reach profit. If any entrepreneur wants to understand how much less the company spends on calls, choose IP telephony, rather than analog communication.

With VoIP you spend less for several reasons:

  • There is no need to order a telephone line for telephony in an office or at home — voice traffic in VoIP is transmitted via the Internet;
  • Using the SIP protocol allows you to save your budget because cheap rates for outgoing and incoming calls are available to you. If you choose forwarding to a SIP account, then receiving calls will be free*;
  • The virtual number is billed per minute and there is no network connection fee;
  • For a virtual number, roaming is not charged when you need to go abroad and continue to communicate with your team and clients.

* Free call forwarding is available for virtual numbers in most countries. Specify information from the Freezvon manager

According to Freezvon customers with IP telephony, they managed to reduce costs by an average of 30%. And in order to control how much money is spent during each call, get access to statistics in your personal account on the site. It displays the following information:

  • Date and time the call was received or made;
  • Call duration;
  • Status (whether the manager answered the call or missed it);
  • The cost of each call per minute;
  • The SIP account that received calls (different accounts allow you to track the productivity of each manager).

With the help of statistics, you can calculate the costs of the call center and analyze, and plan the future budget and workload of managers.

The number of missed calls reflects how many potential sales a company is missing out on. It is necessary to identify a system that leads to a large number of missed calls. The reasons may be different. If managers do not have time to answer all calls, then part-time remote employees can be involved in the work.

It may turn out that the problem is in the sales script – the call recording service will help you find out. Using the service, you will understand how managers communicate with clients, what results in this leads to. This will help improve the communication process so that spending on telephony pays off with a large number of new transactions.

Team Health Care

Staff health insurance is a costly investment that is often out of reach for startups and small businesses. That is why it is important that the company has flexibility in organizing work. The current threat is the coronavirus. And since distancing is considered the best strategy, then the company must be ready for a quick transition from office to remote work and back.

With IP telephony, communication processes are not disrupted – the team will be able to work smoothly while being in different places. The virtual number is not tied to a specific address, and with an IP PBX, the team will have access to call flow control and call forwarding on a remote basis.

Virtual PBX is suitable for all types of businesses, regardless of size. Subscribing to this service will allow you to use many tools for managing communication:

  • IVR menu;
  • conference call;
  • welcome message;
  • voice mail;
  • call recording;
  • forwarding;
  • the internal free line for team communication.

A virtual PBX is developed on the principle of SaaS services – the equipment is located at the provider, which provides the user with access to all services through a cloud server. A business does not spend money on buying a physical PBX, and it is not even necessary to have landlines. For calls, employees can use a softphone – an application installed on a smartphone or computer. Therefore, the business will be adaptive – work can be organized from any place where the team will be comfortable and safe for health.

Thus, IP telephony allows even small businesses to use a set of communication tools to build profitable relationships with customers, promote business, and track expenses, and team productivity. For the convenience of users, Freezvon technical support is available 24/7. Apply with requests to connect virtual numbers and VoIP services at any time.

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