Learn How To Clean Meissen Porcelain Figurine

Many owners of porcelain figurines are perplexed on the best way to clean their precious possessions. To ensure that your figurines remain revered for their beauty and always admired when displayed, knowing the best way to clean them is very important. Meissen porcelain figurines are very fragile. These items are special and valuable for their attention to detail and delicacy.

Meissen Porcelain Figurine

Keeping your figurine collection inside a cabinet is doesn’t keep them safe always. However, it limits the chances of damage and minimizes exposure of the figurines to dust and dirt. To maintain porcelain figurines requires sitting down at a table before the cleaning process. Avoid standing up and balancing or holding the figurine in your hands. Sitting limits chances of the item dropping or slipping from your hands.

Here is a catch

Porcelain figurines are very fragile and prone to fading, breaking, and chipping. Like other pieces of art, the value of porcelain figurines is directly related to their current condition. Items in perfect condition fetch the highest price. After investing in a Meissen porcelain figurine collection, knowing how to clean your items safely is very important.

Cleaning Meissen porcelain figurines

When handling the best Meissen figurines, it is important to avoid harming them. Endeavor to keep your collection in a glass-front cabinet display. This will protect your collection from dirt and dust. With time, ensure to dust your figurines. This requires using a small brush with soft bristles to reach all nooks on the item. Removing stains requires using warm water and dish solution.

Dip a soft cloth into the warm water and soap solution to blot the stains. Cleaning products with ammonia or bleach should be avoided since they might damage the figurine. Additionally, the figurines should not be immersed in water. There is a likelihood of water entering the figurine through a steam hole and forming mold causing considerable damage. Air-dry the figurine through vigorous wiping to catch all delicate details. When cleaning your collection, sit down and pad the areas to avoid mishandling and dropping the item.

Repairing porcelain figurines

Despite the amount of care, your precious figurines might smash into pierces or chip. Luckily, you don’t have to think that your item has become worthless. An expert can handle extensive and subtle repairs to restore the figurine. This the best way to restore the sentimental value of your item better than trying to use ceramic repairs. Professionals offer appropriate valuations and estimate to make professional repair worthwhile. With this, your Meissen porcelain will regain its natural beauty.

Restoring Meissen porcelain requires knowledge and skills to design the item into its original state. The expert will have to match and recreate the white base color.  Additionally, the expert will match and replicate the pattern and design of the item. Professional restoration is very important since Meissen figurines are very elaborate and require patience and great attention to detail. This porcelain material is very strong and withstands gluing, cleaning, and bonding with a professional touch. This ensures that the design and pattern complexity is matched.

Storing Meissen porcelain figurines

When storing your figurine collection away, place the pieces in white unprinted fabric. This avoids dye transferring from the fabric to the items. You can use bubble wrap only when storing porcelain figurines for transportation but not for long term storage. Bubble wrap inhibits the figurines from breathing and might trap moisture and heat inside the package exposing the figurines to discoloration.

Perhaps you want to display your Meissen porcelain collection. Ensure to display your figurines in a front glass cabinet. This will allow your collection to be visible while limit dust and dirt from getting to your figurines. However, ensure to open the glass doors regularly. This allows allowing heat to escape from the display cabinet. Accumulation of heat might cause considerable damage to your porcelain collection.

Why invest in Meissen figurines

These porcelain figurines are very expensive for their old and qualitative appeal. The origin and antiquity of Meissen porcelain figurines determine its value. Beautiful pieces dating back to the 1774 to 1885 period might cost thousands of dollars not afforded by an ordinary person. Investing in these figurines when the price is still affordable has a prospect of making a huge profit in the future when value grows. This makes these figurines a great investment. Many people are willing to pay top dollar for these amazing pieces any time.

Bottom line

Regardless of whether you already have a collection of Meissen porcelain figurines or planning to invest in some, knowing their appropriate care is very important. Keeping these figurines in good condition maintains their value and makes them always good to look at. Use the cleaning tips above to keep your figurines in good condition. Take your items to a professional for repair and restoration after breaking or chipping.

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