Helpful Mobile Tracker Apps in 2021

Smartphones virtually take over our everyday lives. They make major aspects of our lives easier such as shopping, banking, social media, emails, and nearly everything else that we do on a day-to-day basis. The importance of smartphones has never been so important, and this is due to the constant advances in technology. We’ve seen how IT Support Companies make use of this kind of technology. This means that losing your phone puts you at high risk because not only does it hinder your everyday tasks, but it also puts you at danger as strangers can access your personal information. However, there are various apps that can track your phone should it ever be stolen or lose.

When making your way through your device’s App Store there are many phone tracker apps that all look the same and may even calm to offer the same services. The best ones are able to not only track the location of your device but also monitor any activities on it. Below you will find a few very useful mobile tracker apps.



mSpy is a great app for parents who are worried about the whereabouts of their children. This app monitors your child’s devices remotely and makes sure that they are safe. By installing this app on your child’s phone you are able to monitor their calls, instant messages, and social media activity.

The features are extremely advanced as you can view incoming, outgoing, or even deleted texts. Social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat. The great part is that mSpy is compatible with both Apple and Android.

Where’s My Droid

This is one of the top apps to track your mobile device. Should your device be stolen this app turns up the ringer volume and makes the phone ring. If the device is not near enough to be heard then it automatically sends the coordinates of the device to google maps. The best features about Where’s My Droid are that it remotely locks your device has passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app access and does not drain your battery.


Not only does this app track your mobile device but also your family members. The app allows the user to create groups to communicate with their contacts and see where their group members are in real-time. As the user you are able to see the location history of your group members so that should anything happen you have an idea where they were last which is a start. The safety features of iSharing include a panic alert which comes in very handy.

Find My Device 

Find My Device is one of the most popular apps around. This is more than just a device tracking app because it comes with many features that others don’t. The features include restoring factory settings and encrypting personal data. It also has a device ring feature if it is close enough, should it not be then it does track the GPS location of your device. The features that make this app different from the rest are that it locks your device with a custom message and contact number, tracks the network and battery status, displays both outdoor and indoor maps. You never need to worry about the device being on silent because the ringing feature still works as well.

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