Non-obvious Examples of the Use of Artificial Intelligence

Ever wonder what it would be like to be in a movie? If you are up-to-date on artificial intelligence, you will likely hear that some people have already done it.

The debate over artificial intelligence’s future is raging in the tech world. Although it is not yet clear how AI will affect our lives, it already has an immense impact on us.

There are plenty of AI development services applications that you might not expect to see, and these are some that you might not know about. Check them out and tell us what you know about them.

Identify the Images that Will Appeal to Your Preferences

Everyone has their own opinion on what is attractive. Because of this, it is hard to explain how people find certain faces appealing. To solve this issue, the researchers used an AI program to analyze the brain’s signals related to attraction.

You can use this software to find someone attractive just by looking. It learns from your brain’s response and produces more appealing images based on your preferences.

According to researchers, the computer-generated images could match the users’ preferences with an accuracy of 80%.

You Can Try Watching Tom Cruise Look-alike on TikTok App

For those of you who are Tom Cruise fans, this is a must-see. TikTok recently discovered a profile called deeptomcruise, which featured videos of the actor performing various acts, such as magic tricks and playing golf. But it is not Tom Cruise.

The individuals featured in these videos are Miles Fisher and Christopher Ume, who created the concept using deep fake technology. This software uses Artificial Intelligence to superimpose a person’s likeness onto another video.

Although it may seem like a harmless prank, many people are worried that the tech might set a dangerous precedent. For instance, if a person pretends to be a high-ranking government official, it could cause severe damage.

Face ID

We all know how impressive it is to use a smartphone’s fingerprint reader. It eliminates the need for typing passwords and allows you to unlock your device by holding a button.

Unfortunately, the temperature drops below zero when winter comes around, and you still have to remove your gloves to access your device. With the help of FaceID, you no longer have to do this. In addition, you can now identify more people with this biometric security tool.

A farmer in the US had several cattle, and he was finding it difficult to manage them. He initially recorded each animal using a mark on its ear, but this method was not very practical when his cows would often move between farms.

To solve his issues, the farmer came up with the idea of creating a cattle card index, which would allow him to keep track of his cows’ history and descriptions.

Make a Payment Using Your Hand

After the pandemic has ended, you can teleport to a time when you can finally enjoy freedom. You can go out and spend some time in the town square, but you will need to use a payment method since you plan on eating.

No more need to carry a wallet. Nowadays, you can pay for purchases using a credit or debit card. What if you also prefer to leave your wallet at home so you can go swimming at the end of the day? With that in mind, you can still enjoy playing without bringing anything with you.

You Can Ask AI to Help You Write a Story

Today, there is no need to limit your options when it comes to choosing literature. Instead, you can explore the world of computer-generated poetry.

The scientists used over 500,000 lines from British poets to train the algorithm. It will be exhibited at Expo 2020 Dubai, scheduled in March 2022. During the event, visitors can contribute their thoughts on life and humanity.

How AI Helps?

Through an artificial intelligence program, The Trevor Project trains counselors using a fictional individual who can be accessed through thousands of transcripts. The program also trained a chatbot to interact with the teens whenever the project’s consultants were unavailable.

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