NUOPTIMA’s Recognition at the UK Search Awards

Recently, NUOPTIMA was awarded the ‘Best Use of Search – B2B (SEO) (Small)’ at the 2022 UK Search Awards. This distinguished award, which honors excellence in SEO, PPC, and content marketing in the UK, acknowledges NUOPTIMA for delivering the best return on investment (ROI) and achieving the highest sales within a specified budget through their innovative action plans and dedication to client success.

More specifically, winning the UK Search Awards is proof of the hard work and advanced tactics employed by the capable team of NUOPTIMA. For example, the agency targeted decision-makers in medium-sized businesses across untapped SEO sub-niches like SaaS, law, and cybersecurity as the objective was to enhance brand prominence and attract new clients via organic traffic.

Hence, this award-winning campaign entailed the following:

  • Detailed Keyword and Competitor Research
  • Creation of Optimised Content
  • Technical Improvements to the Website
  • Powerful Backlink Strategy

Despite the competitive SEO landscape and challenges associated with converting decision-makers into clients, NUOPTIMA exceeded its targets, significantly improving keyword ranking, boosting monthly traffic, and generating substantial revenue from inbound leads. In other words, NUOPTIMA’s substantial contract value from SEO within just a six-month period is a clear demonstration of its effective and unorthodox approach, marking a significant ROI.

Moreover, this achievement at the UK Search Awards was not just a milestone for the company but also sparked a sense of fulfillment for team members. “Winning this award is a proud moment for the entire team”, stated Alexej Pikovsky, the CEO and Founder of NUOPTIMA. “It’s an indication of our commitment to our clients and our relentless pursuit of innovation in SEO. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to discovering new techniques to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving SEO landscape”.

NUOPTIMA has also set itself apart by successfully focusing on specific areas like Amazon digital marketing services and other industry-related SEO niches. This combination of niche understanding and technical proficiency has been effective, with a substantial increase in traffic over a short period. In addition to this, the firm provides a broad range of SEO services, such as technical SEO, content optimization, link building, and local SEO. They use data-informed processes to enhance website visibility, increase organic traffic, and promote conversion rates.

Exploring NUOPTIMA’s Success Stories

NUOPTIMA’s achievements extend beyond awards. Their case studies demonstrate a history of delivering notable results for their clients.

Tripling Quolom’s Traffic

Quolum, a SaaS money-saving specialist, sought the expertise of NUOPTIMA to enhance their organic traffic. The primary objective was to increase brand visibility and attract more users to their platform.


NUOPTIMA’s plan of action for Quolum involved a comprehensive SEO strategy, including keyword research, content creation, and technical SEO. The team pinpointed keywords with high search volume and low competition that were pertinent to Quolum’s operations. They then developed content centered around these keywords, ensuring it was both educational and captivating, with a clear focus on the user’s intent.

In addition to this, the technical SEO aspect involved optimizing the website’s structure, improving page load speed and ensuring mobile-friendliness. NUOPTIMA also worked on improving Quolum’s backlink profile to enhance its domain authority and search engine rankings.


The results were impressive as Quolum observed a threefold increase in their organic traffic, escalating from 1,027 to 2,947. This led to heightened visibility for their platform in a short span of just four months.

Zelt’s Threefold Surge in Traffic and Fivefold Boost in Leads

Zelt, an HR SaaS, partnered with NUOPTIMA to boost their traffic and lead generation. The goal was to increase brand awareness and attract more potential customers to their platform.


The objective was to enhance Zelt’s existing marketing blueprint to bolster the site’s authority and elevate brand recognition by generating 10 high-quality editorial backlinks from reputable sites with a Domain Rating (DR) of at least 60. It is important to highlight that while some marketing agencies advocate for acquiring a large volume of low-quality backlinks for quicker ranking, this approach can harm a website’s credibility and reputation.

To delve deeper, Google prioritizes relevance and accuracy in its ranking algorithm. Websites laden with irrelevant or inaccurate content are likely deemed unbeneficial to readers, thereby complicating their ability to secure high search engine rankings. Therefore, for this SEO campaign, NUOPTIMA prioritized the quality of each backlink we created to ensure the campaign’s success.


By incorporating only 10 high-quality backlinks on the top two most-visited pages, Zelt experienced a surge of over 300% in traffic growth and a 500% uplift in lead generation. Additionally, in less than a month, these top pages saw an increase in traffic by 815 and 89, respectively, and nearly doubled their impressions. Furthermore, there was a noticeable improvement in the ranking positions for organic keywords, indicating a successful uplift in the search engine results page (SERP) positioning.

Bonnet’s 10x Increase in Traffic in Just 10 Months

Bonnet, an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging app, enlisted NUOPTIMA’s services to grow their organic traffic, enhance brand recognition, and bolster app downloads and subscriptions among their target demographic.


In order to elevate visibility while also converting site visitors into subscribers, OPTIMA focused on bottom-funnel keyword structures and compelling content creation. This necessitated a restructuring of their website and generating new pages, for which they provided detailed guidance to Bonnet’s development team.

They then turned their attention to creating informational blog posts prioritizing topics based on their potential conversion rates. Finally, they optimized off-page SEO by publishing content on high-authority websites relevant to the EV niche to enhance Bonnet’s domain rating and improve the content ranking for targeted, organic keywords.


Over a ten-month period, all SEO metrics showed a significant upward trend:

  • Monthly traffic soared from 1,193 to 16,398
  • Keyword rankings in positions 1-3 and 4-10 jumped from 7 to 187 and 11 to 919, respectively
  • The value of organic traffic increased from $272 to $10,411
  • The number of referring domains grew from 332 to 498, leading to an increase in the domain rating from 38 to 44

The Team at NUOPTIMA

NUOPTIMA’s accomplishments are largely due to a team of experienced professionals who bring an abundance of knowledge and skills. Let’s introduce the key figures:

Alexej Pikovsky: The Guiding Force

As NUOPTIMA’s CEO and founder, Alexej Pikovsky is responsible for steering the company’s direction and expansion. He boasts a decade-long professional journey in the realms of investment banking, venture capital, and private equity. His educational credentials include an MSc degree from the prestigious Imperial College London. Additionally, he holds an affiliation with the esteemed German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

Aman Ghataura: The Growth Strategist

As NUOPTIMA’s Head of Growth, Aman Ghataura has been a key member of NUOPTIMA and the wider group since its inception, with a rich history of working with over 30 clients and testing more than 25 growth channels. His prior experience includes roles in a fintech business and investment banking at JP Morgan, and he holds an MSci in Physics from Imperial College London. Aman’s track record is impressive, with over three million dollars spent on paid ads, over 1000 qualified sales calls generated, and numerous successful SEO campaigns executed.

Viktor Bartak: The SEO Specialist


Viktor Bartak, NUOPTIMA’s Head of SEO, ensures clients receive a top-tier SEO experience. His track record includes significant traffic growth for various businesses, from eCommerce brands to fintech giants, demonstrating his ability to deliver results and drive customer conversion. His journey from earning an MSc in Nuclear Physics to becoming an SEO expert is marked by a deep understanding of Google’s algorithms and the evolution of SEO trends. Viktor’s approach has adapted to the changing landscape, shifting from traditional tactics to a focus on high-quality content that serves the reader.

Their combined expertise and result-focused approach have established the agency as a competent player in the SEO and digital growth arena.


NUOPTIMA is a digital growth agency specializing in SEO, PPC, and Amazon marketing. The agency’s journey began in 2020 as a result of its in-house expertise in building consumer brands. They made their mark by launching a marketplace in the highly competitive space of CBD, becoming Europe’s largest CBD platform within a year using only SEO. This success led other brands to seek their expertise, giving birth to NUOPTIMA.

Their team of adaptable writers, coupled with key client acquisitions and a unique approach to SEO, has been effective in driving significant organic traffic growth for their partners. With a commitment to quality and a customer-focused approach, NUOPTIMA continues to distinguish itself in the digital marketing industry. For more information, visit the NUOPTIMA website.

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