Your Guide To Online Appointment Software

Having an online booking or online appointment functionality is now a necessity for all service businesses.

Especially for service businesses and service providers that rely on client appointments: spas, massage therapists, and dental offices, among others, how efficiently and accurately they manage the client appointment process will literally make or break the business’s success.

Integrating online appointment software will allow service businesses and service providers to easily add online booking functionalities on their websites, mobile apps, and even social pages, improving the efficiency of the client appointment process that will benefit both the clients, the staff, and the business itself.

In this post, we will learn all you need to know about how online appointment software can benefit your business, as well as key features to consider when choosing between different solutions.

Let us begin right away.

Online Appointment Software: The Concept

An online appointment software solution, in a nutshell, offers a platform for clients to book appointments and also pay for your services online. The actual application can vary: it may be a standalone platform, or the software may simply add online booking functionalities to a business’s website or application.

The online appointment software will take care of both front-end and back-end needs of online booking functionalities: from allowing business owners to add the “book now” CTA button on their website to offering an integrated calendar with automated sync and sending automated appointment reminders via email.

Ultimately, online appointment software will provide various benefits for both businesses and clients alike, as we will discuss below.

Benefits of An Online Appointment System

24/7 Online Reservations

One of the key advantages of integrating an online appointment software solution is that you’ll be able to take online bookings 24/7.

If you still rely on a phone-based, manual appointment-taking process, you’ll need to have at least two receptionists/customer service reps working in shifts to provide 24/7 reservation service, and even then it will be very difficult to manage.

In a pretty recent study, 40% of clients prefer to book their desired services after hours, and modern customerssimply demand more versatility. 24/7 reservation taking is now a necessity.

Reducing No Shows And Double Bookings

With an advanced online appointment system offering an interactive online booking calendar function, clients can easily view available time slots and book their slot on their own, and the schedule will then automatically update itself to reflect on this newest booking. So, double-booking, an issue common with the manual appointment-taking process, is simply impossible.

Online appointment systems have also been proven to reduce appointment no-shows significantly, up to 90% by offering easy rescheduling/cancellation and automatic reminders.

Faster And More Secure Payments

Most advanced online appointment software solutions offer integrations to secure online payment options, allowing clients to easily and securely pay for your services when they book your appointment.

By requiring clients to pay partially or fully up-front, you can also further reduce the chance of no-shows (at the very least, mitigate the damage by securing payments upfront).

Key Features To Consider In An Online Appointment Software Solution

Intuitive Interface

Both new and existing clients should be able to easily find the services they’d like to book from both desktop and mobile devices.

The whole booking experience should be seamless and as easy as possible. If the booking process takes too long and/or is too difficult, potential clients will simply run to your competitors.

Also, make sure clients can easily book recurring services (i.e. once a month) if they’d like, and group bookings should also be quick and easy so customers can easily bring their friends with them (which will translate into more business for you).

Interactive Calendar

Make sure to choose an online appointment software solution that offers an interactive and versatile calendar. Clients should be able to easily browse the calendar to view available time slots and book a slot immediately.

Also, make sure the calendar interface is easy to navigate for both your staff and your clients. For example, your staff should be able to add new appointments and edit existing ones in one place easily.

Automatic Notifications and Reminders

Automatic reminders can significantly reduce no-shows, and in some cases can even totally eliminate no-shows. Make sure to choose an online appointment software that offers automatic email and text reminder functions.

Payment Integrations

If you’d like to offer online payment options for your clients, you should also choose a solution that offers online payment integrations. Make sure the solution supports popular payment options like credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, and other relevant options, and you may also want to choose a solution that supports pay-up-front and deposits options.

Ease of Use

While on the one hand you’d want to make sure the online appointment software offers a rich set of features according to your needs, you’d also want to make sure the software is easy enough to use by your whole team.

Also, if you previously relied on a spreadsheet (or even pen-and-paper calendar), you might want to choose a solution that offers data migration, which can save you a lot of time. If they don’t offer data migration, you should assess the possible data entry process on the solution, and make sure your “DIY” migration won’t take too much of your time.

Customer Service

Once integrated, the online appointment software will literally become the core of your service business, so it’s crucial to make sure it’s going to be reliable at all times.

Accidents do happen, however, and in those unfortunate cases, you’d want to make sure the solution offers an excellent customer service team, preferably one that is available 24/7.

In short, make sure you can always get help when you need it.

Wrapping Up

Integrating an online appointment software system can significantly help in streamlining your service business’s booking process, improve your client’s overall experience as they are interacting with your business, and also improve your team’s morale in the long run.

Above, we have discussed how an online appointment software works, its benefits, and key features to consider when choosing between different options.

By integrating the right solution to your business, you can provide better services to your clients, and happier clients will ultimately recommend your business to their peers and friends. This is how you’ll naturally grow as a service business.

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