Is It Possible To Play Among Us On PC For Free


Among US is an online multiplayer casual game developed by the INNERSLOTH LLC. The game was released back in July 2018 but was not a popular game at that time. It was 2020 when the game reached its peak during the dull lockdown period because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, the game was labeled as the Editors’ Choice with an outstanding rating of 4.4-Star. Besides, the game has more than 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone. Moreover, talking about the game-play Among Us contains multiplayer matches with a maximum of 10 players allowed in a match.

Besides, Among Us has a very simple yet unique game-play. There are two teams in the game. You can either be the impostor, or you can be one of the crewmates. The game has the right to choose your faith. You cannot decide to choose what you want to be.


Moreover, if you become the impostor, your job is to sabotage the spaceship. You also have to kill the crewmates before they suspect you as the impostor and vote you out of the spaceship. Lastly, you have to do all of this stuff before the crewmates complete their tasks, or else you will lose the rounds. To make the game a bit harder, the impostor is also assigned some fake tasks. Besides, this will help you to hide your identity from the crewmates.

Furthermore, if the game chooses you to become a crewmate, you have to do precisely the opposite, what the impostor does. For instance, you have to secure your ship from getting sabotaged and destroyed, complete those tasks as soon as possible so that the impostor has less time to kill and sabotage. Also, you have to keep an eye on the cameras, which will help you look at the activities of other players. If you see the impostor killing or venting or seeing a dead body, you should call an emergency meeting and kick the impostor.

LDPLAYER – Download Among Us on your PC:


ld-playerAs we all know, Among Us was released for Android and iOS platforms. There is no PC version of the game. Despite the fact, the game is highly demanded. Furthermore, you can download Among Us for on PC for free using the LDPLAYER emulator. This Emulator allows you to download various popular applications on your PC launched for the Android platform.

Moreover, using LDPLAYER to play Among Us will allow you to have a breathtaking experience. Let us discuss why Emulator is better than playing on mobile. You see most mobile phones are not highly spec’d, as they are expensive and not everybody can afford them. LDPLAYER is free to download Emulator and run your mobile games on your PCs. PC’s are capable of running high-performance apps without an issue.

On the other hand, playing games on mobile phones often result in heating your phone. Heating up often damages the hardware of your expensive mobile phone. Are you ready to take that risk? On the contrary, using the LDPLAYER emulator will eradicate all of your issues with ease. Your PCs have a proper cooling mechanism allowing your PC to dissipate heat better than your mobile phone.

Lastly, gaming on a PC has a way better experience than playing games on mobile phones. As mobile phones have small screen sizes compared to a PC, having a larger display is crucial in making your game more enjoyable. Lastly, controls are far better and easier on PC than your mobile. Hence you will love to play Among Us on PC rather than your tiny mobile phones.

How To Download Among Us?

You need to follow these four necessary steps to download among us on your PC:

  • Download and Install the LDPLAYER Emulator from the official website.
  • Create a Gmail account or log in through your old Gmail account.
  • Once done with that, search for WhatsApp on the Google Play Store or the LD Store.
  • After searching, you have to download WhatsApp, and you are ready to use it on your PC.

Lastly, you can also download and install the official version of Among US by downloading its APK file and dragging it onto the LDPLAYER’s window. You are more than welcome to download the MOD APK’s, LDPLAYER supports them, but unfortunately, there are none available on the internet.



LDPLAYER is a phenomenal Emulator that allows you to run mobile apps onto your PC without complexities. Furthermore, gaming on PC has always been superior to mobile gaming, as it is easier to play on PC rather than your mobile phones.

Considering that, PCs are more capable of running high-performance apps than your mobile phones. You need to download Among Us or any other game you desire to play from the two stores available on the LDPLAYER Emulator. Just download the game and enjoy!

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