How COVID-19 Has Changed the Contracting Industry

No matter where you were around the globe at the beginning of 2020, you probably remember exactly when COVID-19 became a household name. And obviously, this is a name that we wish we could all forget. 

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, industries across the world had to shut down and production at all levels came to a screeching halt. And even though just about every sector was affected, those in the construction industry were dealt a significant blow. 

All industries, especially the contracting industry, have had to reevaluate their control and prevention methods when the COVID-19 pandemic came along. And correspondingly, a large number of changes followed as well. 

Today, if you’re thinking of entering the contracting industry, you’ll need to be prepared for how work-life in the trade sectors have changed, and for what you’ll need to be successful in the industry. 

Licensing is Top-Priority 

In the past, many contractors were given free-reign when it came to promotions or even when hiring personnel. But as the need (and requirements for some businesses) for proof of vaccines and adherence to OSHA regulations and other mandates have come along, that free-reign has come to an abrupt halt.

Just as some businesses need proof of vaccination, many contracting trade businesses need proof of training and expertise when it comes to hiring a contractor. And if you cannot provide this proof, then you might not be able to land a job or continue working. 

As COVID-19 has imposed restrictions and mandates, it has also increased the need and placed more focus for proper licensing requirements across multiple industries. As such, all businesses, no matter what trade sector, are being much more diligent when following protocols that require proper licensing. 

Supply Chain Management 

As you’re probably aware, the global supply chain has been drastically interrupted. And as of 2022, even many grocery stores are still showing empty shelves. 

Close attention to supply chain management is part of many future work trends in a post-COVID-19 world. And this will probably be the case for some time, or until the pandemic turns toward an endemic phase and everything begins to fall back into place. 

In the trade industry, supply chain issues have affected production across the country. And this is because contractors simply can’t get the materials they need when they need them in order to complete jobs by a specified deadline.

As a result, contractors are finding innovative ways to get around the supply chain issues. And this has included using more expensive materials or restructuring the building process to accommodate for alternative materials. Some contractors have even outsourced to other states to order building materials, a process that has given rise to building costs. 

Cyber Security 

You may have never thought that cyber security would be an issue in the trade world. But believe it or not, the need for cyber security is now happening on a large scale.

With the absence of essential workers, and the increased use of remote technology for maintaining social distancing, and the use of cloud storage, contractors have entered into a whole new realm. As such, no longer are the clipboard and the timecard the only methods for keeping track of production and employees. 

As a result, cyber security is essential for contractors to keep their data safe, and to keep production operating at proper levels. 

Additionally, cyber security has also caused costs to rise within the industry as the added technology and cyber security expenses have increased the costs of operating a business. 

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the lives of so many around the globe, human beings are resilient creatures by nature. And no matter what industry you work in, you’re likely going to see your industry adept at many levels just to keep operations running and revenue flowing in, all to maintain our preferred quality of life.

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