Top 10 React Bootstrap Themes

Creating a user-friendly UI for your website’s admin panel might be difficult. There are several aspects to consider since this is the only way for it to improve in appearance. Using the react-bootstrap template, create a design-conscious and attractive UI. These templates are simple to use. The most excellent element is that they’re designed to fulfill a specific function. As described in this blog article, React-bootstrap themes let you reach your aim of beautiful and new features for your website’s design.

The best react-bootstrap templates and themes will be discussed. Both Bootstrap and react are frameworks for integrating pre-existing functionality into web projects. When you use Bootstrap templates, you give up some adaptability in exchange for speed and reliability. When it comes to using Bootstrap appropriately, you may hire reactjs developers. It helps you save time and avoid potentially tricky situations.

Architect UI (Most Popular)

Website: ArchitectUI| Live Demo: Demo | Price: Free  and Pro: $69 

Architect UI is a free Dashboard that is both lightweight and powerful. It’s also worth noting that it comes in two flavours: basic JavaScript and Gulp and Yarn, Babel, and Webpack. It’s also a great React Bootstrap 5 template option. This is designed for contemporary apps and is driven by cutting-edge technology that allows for React/HTML integration. Modules, widgets, and components are just a few of the many features available. As elements have been put together, this one appears to be the best. 


  • 150 components will be mixed and matched to create new flows and elements.
  • 9 dashboard designs to choose from
  • Light colour palettes are simple to adapt.
  • Templates with more than one page
  • There are 25 different button kinds to choose from, each with a different colour scheme.


Website: Poco | Live Demo: Demo | Price: Regular License: $16 & Extended Licence: $600 

If you want to try something different, poco is a good option. All of the React Bootstrap templates on the list, save Poco, have the most unique and appealing look. It includes a slew of bonuses to get your admin panel up and run quickly. There are three distinct dashboards: crypto, eCommerce, and financial.


  • Starter Kit is available.
  • Morden & Appealing Design
  • It comes with a sleek and straightforward admin theme with 9 alternative layouts.
  • Continual Updates
  • Code of Verified Quality


Website: Vuexy  | Live Demo: Demo | Price: Regular License: $35 & Extended Licence: $799 

Vuexy React is a React Bootstrap Admin Template that is developer-friendly and highly customizable. Create React App, Redux, and Reactstrap BS4 are all used. It also works with Todo, Chat, eCommerce, and other apps. Advanced cards for Maps, Statistics, Analytics, eCommerce, Weather, Charts, and Interactive, are available through Vuexy Admin. Angular and ReactJS are both supported. It also supports internationalization, enabling it to be one of the most comprehensive administrative packages available. This incredible reactjs admin panel template has over 100 pages, including a profile, knowledge base, search, authentication, etc. This template supports RTL and has UI/UX tools and other valuable features.


  • RTL Support 
  • Easy Navigation
  • Multi-lingual
  • Provides Figma & Sketch 
  • Data-Table
  • Allows Customization
  • Provides Light & dark layout.

Material Dashboard 2 React 

Website: Material Dashboard | Live Demo: Demo | Price: Click here

Material Dashboard 2 pro react is the next theme in our list of Reactjs Bootstrap Themes. It’s not just a template; it’s a fully complete admin dashboard that’s developer-friendly, feature-rich, and highly configurable, created by Creative Tim. There are over 200 frontend unique elements in this template, including buttons, input, navigation bars, alerts, etc. All components can change with the MUI styled() API and the sx prop. Because all parts are implemented, you’ll save time transitioning from prototype to fully working code. 


  • Inspired by Google’s Material Design
  • Includes over 70 individual elements
  • Example Pages to get inspired 
  • Complete documentation built by the developers

Argon Dashboard React

Website: Argon Dashboard | Live Demo: Demo | Price: $89

Argon Dashboard React is another React Bootstrap Template by Creative Tim. It’s made up of over 100 parts that you may mix and match. All components can have various colour options, which can be changed with SaSS files. It saves time since all aspects are implemented from prototype to fully working code. This Dashboard has several pre-built features that streamline the development process. It’s pretty simple to get from our sites to the genuine website. You can quickly access and use numerous states for colours, styles, hover, and focus on each element.


  • Handcrafted Elements
  • Customized plugins
  • Community Support
  • Documentation
  • Fully Responsive
  • Example Pages

Shards Dashboards Lite React

Website: Shards Dashboard | Live Demo: Demo | Price: $105.02

Shards Dashboards light React, another React bootstrap theme on the list. Shards Dashboard is a free, quick, and responsive template. Despite being created from the ground up, it adheres to all contemporary development best practices. It includes more than a half-dozen original components and over a thousand icons from the FontAwesome and Material icon sets.


  • 120+ Blocks
  • 350+ components
  • 15 premade layout pages
  • 13 categories for perfect digital products


Website: Reactify | Live Demo: Demo | Price: Regular Licence: $24 & Extended Licence: $699

It’s simple to utilize Reactify. Redux-thunk, Redux, Bootstrap, and webpack created this React Bootstrap template. Reactify has a built-in language translation system that is completely responsive and supports RTL languages. Because API methods have already been pre-integrated, it is easy for you to handle your material. It also allows you to build a dynamic listing page selection. It also has direct and valuable widgets, allowing you to be more versatile when displaying different facts on websites and dashboards. This is one of the react-bootstrap templates that incorporates top-of-the-line technologies such as Redux, React, Bootstrap, Material UI, HMR, Firebase, Webpack, Redux Thunk, and React Strap, as well as Auth0, Code Splitting, and Async Loading.


  • Multi-Lingual & RTL Support 
  • Advanced Report & Summary
  • 20+ chart widget
  • Firebase Integration
  • 65+ exclusive Widgets


Built with React 16, Redux, and Bootstrap 4.1, Sigma is an approachable admin dashboard template. It comes with 8 navbars, 3 layouts, various navigation styles, more than 500 elements in each layout, and tailor-made re-usable elements. 


  • Hot module reloading 
  • 100+ pages and 500+ widgets 
  • Create react app package and SASS
  • 1500+ font icons

Wrapping up!

The following is a list of the top 8 React Bootstrap themes and their features. It achieves the most delicate responsiveness and distinctiveness due to combining ReactJS with Bootstrap. As a result, a bootstrap-based react admin template for your next project is ideal.

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