Pros and Cons of Custom Software Development

When it comes to choosing software for a company, there are typically two options in front of you. Either to go for an off-the-shelf software system or develop custom software.

Though it’s widely suggested to choose an off-the-shelf software as they are much more reliable and comes with lots of advantages. However, custom software development is also considered a good choice, as a matter of fact, the best choice as possesses its own characteristic advantages.

Though it’s widely suggested to choose an off-the-shelf software as they are much more reliable and comes with lots of advantages.

But is custom software development really a great idea. It is yet to be discovered in this article. So if you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of custom software development and want to decide whether it is the right idea for your company or not, then stick till the end.

Advantages of Custom Software Development

  • Includes Your Desired Features

One of the biggest advantages of approaching an IT custom software Development Company is that you have complete control over the features you need in your software. In most of the off-the-shelf software, you don’t get access to this feature and as a result, you end up being with software having

  • Excludes the Undesired Features

Another pro of choosing custom software development is that you have a complete right to exclude all the features that you don’t want or desire to be in your system. Such a facility is not available in the alternate case.

  • Enhanced Scalability and Future Planning

Custom software helps you to plan the future of your company along with its present. The custom software you develop is often highly scalable due to its flexibility and compatibility with future preferences.

  • Complete Customization and Functionality Control

You have complete control over the customization and functions of your custom software, even after it has been developed which means that you can make any changes to it. However, this facility is not available in a packaged software.

  • Competitive Advantage

Custom software gives you larger space and a competitive edge. By having a customized software by your side, you can easily stay ahead of the race.

Disadvantages of Custom Software Development

  • Time Taking Process

A major disadvantage of custom software is that its developmental time is not predictable. Though it can be developed in less time, that’s only in rare cases. Custom software often takes a heck of a lot of time to develop.

  • A Bit Expensive

When compared with ready-made software, custom software is quite an expensive process. So you’re gonna need lots of thousands of bucks in your pocket to develop custom software.

  • No Trials or prototype Availability

Packaged software often comes with the facility of free trials and prototype models, so that you can first check the product before buying. However, this facility is not present in custom software development, which means you don’t have the slightest idea whether your product will be successful or not.

Is Custom Software Development a Right Choice for Your Company?

To decide whether custom software is a good choice for your company or not is evident from the above illustration of its pros and cons. However, if you still have confusion, then let us make it simple for you:

Choose Custom Software Development If:

If you want your software system to be perfect, without any error or flaw, and enriched with all your desired features, then custom software is a great choice for you. You should go for custom software development if you are in no hurry at all if you have a lot of time to spare and have a healthy and heavy pocket.

Don’t Choose Custom Software Development If:

You must not go for custom software development if your company needs a software system right at the moment, and also if you are tight on the budget.

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