5 Reasons Your SEO Efforts Are Not Able to Move the Needle

If you have tried all the techniques, read millions of articles, and still don’t know why your SEO is not showing results, you have landed in the right place.

The algorithm for ranking higher on SERP keeps changing time and again. With the changes in algorithm, you have to make similar changes in your SEO strategies. The reasons can vary from unrealistic expectations to challenges within the organization. Let us discuss five of them here.

Slow Website

Assess the speed of your website through Google’s Page Insights Tool. If it is slow, probably this is one of the reasons why you’re facing SEO issues.  According to research, 47% of your customers want the website loaded within two seconds.

The prospective customers get annoyed with slow-loading websites. They want access to the information within seconds and amidst this cut-throat competition, if you fail to provide that, they will immediately skip to another website. The customer will not lose the information but a slow-loading website can definitely make you lose a customer.

Fast websites are also preferred by Google and given higher ranks in the SERP. To improve the speed of your website, you can compress large images so that they take less time to load. The main point is to avoid cheap hosting.

Negative SEO

This is mostly an overlooked problem that can severely affect the ranking of your site. Negative SEO occurs when a third party makes a negative influence on your rankings. It can be easily done by competitors or hackers. They try to show the audience that the links you have got are either bought or are manipulative in nature.

Hacking of the site, a large number of inbound links, de-indexing of the site are a few of the red flags that indicate your website is suffering from negative SEO.

Keep monitoring the in-bound links to remove the poor-quality backlinks you receive. You can also submit the review to Google for further action. In case your website has been deindexed, you can seek help from Google Forums.

Incorrect Keywords

With the use of keywords, you can get a lot of traffic to your website. But only with the help of ‘correct’ keywords, this traffic will convert. Know your audience and then use the keywords. Invest in a professional SEO agency like StudioHawk to improve your rankings.

Make sure you are not using the wrong keywords at the back-end of your website and even in the front copy. Don’t focus only on competitive, industry-based keywords. It will only limit the effectiveness of your SEO strategy.

If you are a pharmaceutical company and you use the keyword ‘medicine’ on every blog post, it can be of little help to you. ‘Medicine’ is a very competitive world and there are lakhs of websites trying to rank for it even if they have to pay. So, your chances to hit that keyword are negligible. Instead, try some long-tail keywords for a particular niche like ‘medicine for cold’ and you will find the leads.

Lack of Strategic Content

Make your blog posts at least 700 words long to be noticed. Google doesn’t provide high rank to pages with short content because the information provided in it is hardly useful to anyone or is incomplete.

A focus keyword is present in every post. Make sure this keyword is not basic but targeted to a particular niche to rank on Google. Get more specific. Before writing a post, find niche topics that interest your audience, and don’t forget to keep updating the old content. Maintain a regular presence on social media.

Fewer Backlinks

For SEO, backlinks are inevitable. This is to tell Google that you have relevant content on your site and the desired information for the readers. With the help of Google Analytics, you can find the backlinks.

Don’t fall for SEO’s who say they can create hundreds of backlinks for you in a day. These are spammy links. They will only result in penalization and Google will make sure it takes you months or years to come out of this damage. It is better to let your website grow organically with more strategic content.

Over To You

Remember, SEO is challenging and it doesn’t happen overnight. You will need a lot of patience and time to grow things organically. It is better to focus on content that will help you rank higher. Avoid the mistakes mentioned and you are good to go!

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