How to Select the Right Earing That Suits You

For most people, several types of earrings are must-have accessories. They enhance your confidence and best features. Those who use fine jewelry can attest that they add color and character to any clothing. Here’s how to select contemporary earrings that will match your beautiful face, hair, as well as personality:


  • Pick Studs That Suit The Shape Of Your Face


Your face shape dictates the earring that will look best on you. Shape types include the following when it comes to selecting earrings. Also, pick studs that are contrary to the facial features.

A Face That Is Oval-Shaped

If your face is oval, then most likely you have a forehead that is extensive as the cheekbones. People with oval-shaped faces are happy since they can put on any earring style. In fact, oval-shaped swing earrings offer an outstanding look! If you love attention, such earrings will pull it for you, especially the elongated face shape minus any measurement or thickness.

Round Face

Round faces mostly blend with long geometric earrings, which are a perfect choice for women with round-shaped faces. Also, dangle, as well as teardrop earrings can be the best selection to make the face appear longer. According to, whenever you shop for earrings, it’s best that you pick ones that are elegant and feminine in design, instead of massive ones with many details.

A Face That Is Heart-shaped

A heart-shaped face has a wider forehead, and the cheeks match down to the jawbone. In this case, you need long earrings with stunning lines, as well as curves. This helps balance out the shape of your face, as well as draw attention to your eyes.

Square Shape

If your face shape is square, dangling, as well as hoop earrings of lengthened designs will suit your face. A rounded design softens the cheekbones, as well as the jawline. Also, large hoop earrings can be a perfect choice.

Slim Face

Those with rectangular-shaped faces should minimize the measurement of their faces using long droop earrings. Also, extended teardrop droop earrings can emphasize the cheekbones, as well as increase some softness. And in case of any occasion, small studs can be the best for you.


  • Select Studs Depending On The Color Of Your Hair And Length


Blonde hair goes well with golden earrings while dark hair blends with platinum and silver jewelry. If you have red hair, you should use rose gold earrings for fabulous looks. But if you have short hair, you can put on any earring as there are no limits. Those women with long hair can select long earrings to make a statement.


  • Wear Studs According To Your Lifestyle


You should know where and when to put on specific earrings. For instance, if it’s a conservative office, wear gold or silver classic styles. Don’t wear huge or dangling earrings.  When you are free, you can show your personality and forget the simple studs.


When it comes to choosing earrings from, your face shape, hair, season, and skin color matter a lot. As long as you know how to blend your studs with these factors, nothing can stop you to get that stunning look.

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