How To Start a Taxi Business on A Budget

It’s true: you can start a taxi business on a budget. Want to learn more? This super helpful guide has all the information you need to succeed. 

These days, most modern businesses are started on a budget. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need millions in capital to hit the big time. According to SmallBusinessHQ post, most businesses formed by the agency started with the owner’s savings or loans from friends and family.

Sure, your taxi business won’t be an instant overnight phenomenon. However, with time and persistence, you’ll be able to gain success in your city before perhaps expanding to other areas in your region.

Here are some general tips and advice to get you on the right track.


  • Buy Used Taxis – Not Brand-New Ones 


Currently, the used vehicle market is booming, especially in the world of business transportation.

The concept is simple: buy used versions of the vehicles you want so that you can save money.

Remember, used car dealerships and online stores have to abide by industry standards, which means the cars they sell are usually excellent.

As a starting point, most entrepreneurs looking to start their own taxi businesses will turn to used taxis for sale. You get the same level of quality at a much lower price, which is exactly what you need as a start-up business.

Depending on the budget you have and the long-term vision you see for your taxi business, you might only invest in a few taxis for your employees to drive. Or alternatively, you might be planning to be the only driver, which means you’ll need just one taxi to get the ball rolling!



  • Focus on the Branding 


How you brand your taxi business will largely affect its success.

Before officially launching, you’ll need the following:

  • A logo
  • A website
  • Color schemes
  • Slogans
  • A mobile app (for customers to make bookings with you)

Once your branding is decided upon, you can brand your taxis so that people know who you are when they see them on the road.


  • Choose Your Prices 


Pricing is incredibly important in the taxi industry. This is very true in the age of Uber, which has put significant strain on many taxi firms and forced them to adapt their prices.

Uber offer their customers extremely low prices to go on journeys. Therefore, you’ll likely need to enter the market with your own competitive prices so that customers will be willing to try your service.

When customers ride with you, make sure to encourage them to download your mobile app, too. Mobile apps are an amazing tool for getting more bookings.


  • Start Marketing 


From social media to print advertisements, you’re going to need to do a ton of marketing to turn your taxi business into a success. Start-up businesses will often take out loans and funnel some of their funds into marketing. After all, marketing is arguably the best medium for attracting customers in the 2020s.

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