Top 5 Stylus Pens You Can Use As An Alternate For Your iPad

The present time has moved past the need for the paper and pen. Today, we are in an age where most people depend on touch screen devices. The existence of these touch screen platforms significantly transformed everyone’s writing habits. One of the most famous of them all is iPads.

These iPads are utilized for various purposes but can give a more proposition if used with a stylus. For sure, it only offers the Apple Pencil. Yet, there are different styluses for iPad that will best accommodate people’s preferences at a much more reasonable price. That being said, here is a shortlist of some of the best styluses that could fit your iPad.

Quick Background

A stylus is one of these pen-shaped writing tools only intended for digital use. People use this to sketch, draw, sign, swipe, and write on the touch screen and electronic gadgets. Basically, you use a stylus for navigating through your device. It is an input gadget that signals a compatible touch screen.

Styluses are a decent and exact substitute for your fingertips. It gives a clean swiping and clicking experience on your device. Using a stylus will keep you from scratching your gadget. It has a better touch than the tip of your finger and gives better accuracy. They are not only for a bigger screen. Also, there are different stylus pen for iPad than just the Apple pencil.

Logitech Crayon

Logitech Crayon is intended for kids as an educational device. It has a smart tip that changes varying on the angle and excellent tilt support. It has palm rejection, functions efficiently, and even cheap. This flexible digital pencil uses a similar technology that assists the Apple Pencil. Because of this, it can smoothly connect with your iPad.

In addition, it offers strong battery life for up to seven hours of writing time. The major drawback is that Crayon is pressure-delicate, just like the Apple Pencil. Despite this, it offers accuracy and incredible writing experience.

This pen has a wider and flatter body than other available styluses in the market. This design keeps your stylus from moving off your work area. The cap is attached to its stylus so you won’t lose or misplace it. Before getting yourself the Logitech Crayon, check its iPad compatibility prior.

Friendly Swede 4-in-1 Stylus Pen

The Friendly Swede 4-in-1 Stylus is a capacitive and creative stylus that has a scope of various functions. It includes a unique brush tip, a precision disc, and a ballpoint. The brush tip serves like a true paintbrush that is great if you love to paint on your iPad. It doesn’t guarantee a perfect line drawing. However, you have the option to use the disc or other functionalities.

The ballpoint pen and micro-knit tip are helpful for constant stylus usage. This stylus is created from a strong aluminum finish. All its various uses and functions are replaceable and convertible. Which means you can adjust the caps and use the shorter or longer end.

Apart from the mentioned highlights, Friendly Swede provides a lifetime warranty on their product. All you need to do is go to their site and register. Rationally, this stylus is a perfect substitute for an Apple pencil. It fits and perfect for your artistic skill or everyday needs.

Adonit Jot Pro

Jot Pro is a tool created for graphic designing and architectural purposes. This stylus is made from aluminum and steel, where both ends have their specific functions. One of its ends has a plastic disc that lets the identification of touch input even with no Bluetooth. The other cushioned end shows a clear plastic circle at the tip.

The body of the  Adonit Jot Pro showcases a fine-textured grip, allowing its users a comfortable and stable grip. It is best to be held upright for a smoother work effect. You can also follow your handwriting, even with the Bluetooth turned off.

The Hahakee iPad Stylus

For iPad users who are in search of a rechargeable stylus, the Hahakee might be the perfect choice for you. It boasts a smooth and precise performance for up to 40 hours. It suits whatever purpose you may need it for, like writing notes, drawing, or signing.

The Hahakee iPad Stylus has a pointed tip and is made out of aluminum. Its alloy body gives its users a comfortable grippy feel. With its portable clip design making it so much easier to bring it anywhere, this stylus can definitely be your go-to.

This stylus is particularly designed and made for the iPad series. There is no need for Bluetooth and downloaded applications for it to work. Simply turn on the device, and you can use it right away. It gives a hassle-free writing and an authentic drawing experience because it is a no-lag and no-offset stylus.

The Meko Universal Stylus

Meko is well-known to be an all-around stylus and is made of stainless steel and aluminum. It is best for navigation, writing notes, drawing, and other basic activities. It is compatible and supports many devices aside from the iPad, including Samsung Galaxy phones, Kindle, iPhones, and many more.

Meko has a transparent disc, allowing you to see the exactness of your drawing marks. It has a diameter of 6.8mm that has a 2mm rubber and a fiber tip of 6mm. Because of its fiber made tips, it can give an excellent experience of browsing, navigation, and drawing. Not to mention it is the top precision stylus available in the market because of its compatibility and fair price.


As seen in this article, there are many types and designs of stylus pens for your iPad. Using this tool for iPad users is essential as it increases the accuracy of swiping and typing on your touch screen device. The market offers various cheap yet excellent quality stylus pens, so there is no need for you to get the costly ones. Try to look for the best that suits your needs and budget. We hope our article helps you in finding the best stylist best suited for you.

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