Ring and Alert: The Innovative Ringtone Apps You Should Have On Your Smartphone

Most people have one or more smartphones around the world. It’s now part of the necessity that everyone needs every day. People used to have phones to make or take calls and create or receive text messages. Today, phones have become smart and innovative, and you can now use them for various purposes.

You can use your smartphones to make purchases online and even promote or sell your products and services, especially on any social media platform. It also lets you process online banking that allows you to make transactions using your banking institution online. Besides that, you can even watch movies and shows on your smartphones and listen to your favorite music.

Many people can do tons of things on their smartphones. Hence, you want to customize everything on it. You want to have a case color and design based on your personality. Its main and lock-screen wallpapers must be the one you like.

One thing that most people are crazy about customizing on their smartphone is the ringtones and notification alerts. It gets attention from people around you if your phone beeps with amazing tones. Hence, read the list of innovative ringtone apps below that will surely make your smartphone stand out among others.

Zedge Ringtones

There are many sources of different wallpapers and ringtones on the internet that people can choose. One of them is Zedge. It’s a ringtone app available online that has been popular with many people for more than a decade. Zedge has been established and open for public consumption since 2008. Until today, it continues to beep in the smartphones of different users.

Zedge offers wallpapers and ringtones that are all free. It means you won’t be paying anything after you’ve downloaded them on your phone. Besides, it’ll give you access to a wide range of collections or libraries to choose from for your mobile phone. With tons of wallpapers and ringtones, it’ll surely make your phones more customized according to your preferences.

Besides that, there are many songs of your favorite artists that you can easily set up as your ringtone. There are various categories of songs that you can select, such as rock, pop, reggae, and many more. Zedge will surely provide you with tons of exciting options by navigating the platform easily and conveniently.

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Ringtone Maker

Many ringtone apps will give you the convenience of choosing one for your phone from their list. It’s beneficial to the phone users because all they need to do is select a particular ringtone and save it on their smartphones. However, it’ll also be an exciting idea if you have an option to create your own ringtone because you can personalize it even more.

Ringtone Maker is a free ringtone app that will let you explore that option. You can make a personal notification alert tone based on what you like most. The app has many choices of personalizing a ringtone. It lets you record new audio and change it using the app. You can also combine different music files to create a new tune or enhance the existing and old ones.

Mobile9 Ringtones

Another ringtone app available online is the Mobile9 Ringtones. The app is free, so you don’t have to pay any amount after downloading it. Mobile9 offers tons of choices of the best free ringtones for your phone. Many people consider this app one of the best in the market that has ever been created and used for public consumption.

Mobile9 uses an easy and user-friendly interface that even first-time users can navigate it in a stress-free way. All the ringtones have their own category that you can properly sort to find the ringtone you like. When you have finally found it, follow a few simple clicks, and you can get it then downloaded on your smartphone most conveniently.

Audiko Ringtones

Today’s digital market offers you tons of options that will give you an innovative way of personalizing your smartphones. One in the list is Audiko Ringtones. It’s a ringtone app that will provide you with an enormous collection of fantastic notification alerts and exciting ringtones. The app is also compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

Aside from being a good and reliable source of ringtones, the Audiko app will also give you access to its massive library of high-definition and 4K wallpapers. With the use of the Audiko app, you can surely give your smartphone a fresh look with a set of exciting ringtones and wallpapers.

Ringtone Designer 2.0

Another interesting ringtone app is Ringtone Designer 2.0 that many people are using for free in their smartphones. The app lets you customize the notification alerts and ringtones that you might find interesting from their list. Besides that, the app will also allow you to create personalized ringtones, message alert tones, and notification alerts by using the different songs saved in your iPhone’s music library.

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

Most people want their valuables to have a personal attachment by choosing their favorite colors and designs. For smartphone users, the MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker app is another way of incorporating their customized ideas to their mobile phones. This app has been widely used by many people worldwide, not only because it’s free, but it’s also user-friendly.

If you’re a music lover, you tend to have your list of favorites on your phone. The app allows you to use them as your notification alerts and ringtones. Since the duration of the entire song is too long, you can cut it short. The app has a feature letting you choose and cut a particular part of the music.

You might use the beautiful introduction of the song. The song chorus may you find interesting, or you might always remember the last part of your favorite music. You can use this particular portion from the entire song to be your ringtone or notification alert. The app also supports different formats, such as AMR, MP3, WAV, and many more.


You always bring your smartphone every day. It contains information that you always need at school or work. You also use it for communication and be connected with different people worldwide using the internet. Hence, it’s always an exciting idea to customize your mobile phone. The list of ringtone apps discussed above is an excellent start to personalize your smartphone. It’ll surely give your handy phone a better look that gets everyone’s attention when it beeps, and they hear its exciting ringtone, message alert tone, and notifications alert.

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