3 Cool Ways Tech Has Evolved Physical Health & Wellness

Technology is constantly changing the way we live our lives and interact with the world around us. When it comes to physical health, the case is no different. New and innovative forms of technology have begun to transform the way we are able to reach ideal states of health and wellness.

Being aware of these exciting new forms of technology can help give you an insight into the world of healthcare and how it is evolving.

Robot Nurses

Yes, you read that correctly. Robot nurses are a groundbreaking application of AI technology that has the potential to revolutionize the experience of receiving medical care. Nurse robots put simply, are AI-powered robots that act in the capacity of nurses to treat patients. Though these haven’t yet become commonplace in every medical care facility, the near future may present a different reality.

Calculations have shown that integrating robot nurses into practices can help medical facilities save an enormous amount of money while providing patients with more effective care. While human nurses are admirable professionals with an important skill set, even the best of us make mistakes sometimes.

As nurse shortages have become commonplace, many nurses are overworked which further increases the chance of mistakes. When it comes to robot nurses, accuracy and precision are qualities that can be realized consistently.

Robot for Interactive Body Assistance

A robot for interactive body assistance, commonly abbreviated as RIBA, is a robot that is able to lift patients when they need to be transported. While this may not seem like the most groundbreaking form of technology, it can actually have an incredibly profound shift in the way people are able to give and receive medical care.

In medical facilities, it can be difficult for medical professionals to move larger individuals when they are unable to move on their own. With RIBA, there would be a decrease in medical injuries that come as a result of moving patients to different areas. In addition to its applications in medical facilities, RIBA could revolutionize home care.

The disheartening reality is that many individuals will at some point have to care for a loved one, usually a parent. While elderly adults typically prefer to stay at home rather than live in a facility, this is often not an option for practical reasons, such as not being able to move.

If RIBA were to be applied to home health, more people would be able to care for loved ones who are unable to get up on their own. This could give many individuals the chance to be able to care for loved ones at home rather than having to put them into a facility.

The Internet and Increased Access to Information

While the internet may not seem like the flashiest new form of tech, it has actually been a revolutionary force in the world of health and wellness. A problem that public health educators have struggled with for decades is disseminating information to underserved communities. The internet has allowed these individuals to have increased access to information that revolves around health and wellness, making knowledge about health more equitable.

With the internet, more individuals now have access to information about nutrition and healthy habits. As a result, many may be dissuaded from engaging in unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking, and more motivated to engage in healthy ones, such as exercise.

Tech is Changing Health

New forms of technology are transforming the way people experience physical health and wellness in a variety of ways. While a lot of headway has been made, it’s more than likely that new innovations will arise in the coming years to further transform the way we experience good health.

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