The Ten Commandments Of SEO (Rules To Thrive By)

Back when search engine optimization was first coined, a big bang of sorts happened and the internet began rapidly expanding, far beyond what we thought possible, and it continues to grow exponentially today. Of course, if you are to remain competitive and find your voice in the immense vacuum that is the internet, you’ve got to play by a certain set of rules. In this article, we’re going to share the Ten Commandments of SEO; our rules to thrive by!

1. Thou shalt know thine market

In order to succeed online, you must know your brand, market, audience, and competition inside and out. Do your research and leverage the data you collect to your advantage.

2. Thou shalt be mobile friendly

Given that over 50% of internet users search for new businesses on a mobile device, you need to accommodate them accordingly. Make sure your website has a mobile-first design and account for voice search as well.

3. Thou shalt have no other King but content

While content is only one aspect of SEO, it is arguably the most important. Invest in a digital marketing agency that can help you develop and share premium quality, ‘people first’ content and you’ll be in good stead to outperform the competition.

4. Thou shalt not squander thine funds

Spend your money wisely. Take your time when researching prospective digital marketing agencies and ensure that you are investing in a reputable firm with a long history of success. To buy ‘cheap’ SEO is to squander your funds, as is rushing in with the first agency you come across.

5. Thou shalt not stuff keywords

Keyword research is another critical aspect of quality SEO, but stuffing them into your content and all over your website is poor form. The key to a successful SEO campaign is meaningful keyword placement. Write with intention and don’t force keywords into place just for the sake of hitting a certain quota.

6. Thou shalt honour the algorithm

Study and listen to Google’s algorithm. When they release new updates, pivot and make the appropriate changes.

Today, it’s all about providing the best user experience and delivering high-value content.

7. Thou shalt analyse and leverage big data

The biggest mistake that many people make with their SEO is not studying performance, collecting data, and using their findings to make meaningful changes in their strategy. The numbers do not lie. Use them wisely.

8. Thou shalt not covet thine competitors’ content

Jealousy is one of the biggest SEO sins. Don’t go around stealing your competitors’ content and passing it off as your own. If you want to succeed like them, do what they are doing – only better. Invest in high-quality content of your own and tick all of the right boxes. Cutting corners is not the key to long-term SEO success – nor will it help you build a sterling reputation.

9. Thou shalt be patient

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. As such, you must set realistic expectations about what kind of results you can expect and in what time frame. If you take your time to research the best digital marketing agencies, you should have no trouble getting the results you desire. However, you must allow them enough time to do their jobs properly.

10. Thou shalt never forget these commandments

Study these commandments. Live by them. If you commit to their wisdom and put it into action, you will have an excellent chance at outperforming the competition and yielding an attractive ROI.

Again, it takes time, research, and a lot of hard work – but the faithful will be rewarded.

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