Creating Fake WhatsApp Account With Virtual Phone Number

Most people think that WhatsApp can be used only for chatting with friends, relatives, and business partners or having fun in thematic groups. These purposes are difficult to argue with but there are also a few more of them that are not so popular though still relevant. For example, pranking friends or spreading a rumor. Such goals are reached with a fake WhatsApp account.

There can be also some other reasons for using this option. In this article, we will explain the most popular from them as well as how to get a virtual phone number for setting up a fake WhatsApp account. But before proceeding with the steps to do so, make sure to carry it out under the legal rules and regulations and not something that violates the law.

Why Would Anyone Need To Create A Fake Whatsapp Account?

In recent times running a fake WhatsApp account has become a common thing for millions of people all over the world. Though everyone has their own reason for this, it is possible to determine the most popular among them:


  • Playing tricks on friends. Trying to prank friends or relatives with a personal account is not a good idea as all of them can see who it belongs to. The fake account helps to hide its identity and excludes all connections with its owner.
  • Sharing a rumor. When spreading rumors, it is very easy to get into an awkward situation when the information turns out to be false. Due to this, it is better to share it using a fake account which will help to avoid getting a bad reputation in such cases.
  • Preserving confidentiality. WhatsApp makes it easy to check the phone numbers of other users. This is widely used by people who sell personal data and scammers. A fake account is a straightforward way to avoid receiving spam calls and messages.


  • Separating personal life and work. It is not possible to use personal accounts for contacting customers in the long term as chats always become a mess. Virtual phone numbers allow creating completely separate accounts for personal and work purposes.
  • Establishing new partnerships. Contacting potential customers and partners using WhatsApp accounts that are registered with phone numbers from their countries is definitely a smart move. This inspires confidence and encourages cooperation.

So as it is easy to notice, there are a lot of use cases for a fake WhatsApp account. But no matter the reason, setting it up requires using a virtual phone number.

What Is A Virtual Phone Number?

This feature is often misinterpreted. A lot of people think that a virtual phone number is a set of randomly generated digits. But the truth is that it is a real phone number. Just unlike the last one, a virtual phone number is connected to the online server so it becomes available for receiving calls and text messages without having a SIM card that belongs to it or even a mobile phone.

There is no way to track or associate such a phone number with the person who used it as it is not registered with a cell phone carrier. Moreover, it is possible to use virtual phone numbers in different countries while located in others. For example, there is no issue with creating a fake WhatsApp account with a Chinese or Malaysian phone number living in the US. Going this way allows achieving complete privacy and anonymity.

How To Create A Fake Whatsapp Account With A Virtual Phone Number?

It is possible to create a fake WhatsApp account using a simple virtual phone number. There are no strict requirements. But since nowadays one of the most popular instant messaging services worldwide has a lot of tools for identifying fake phone numbers which may result in account blocking, it is important to choose the right platform to purchase high-quality service from.

SMS-Man platform offers the most secure virtual phone numbers for receiving OTP from WhatsApp in more than a hundred countries. Using this service doesn’t take much and due to its user-friendly design is available even for those who are not yet familiar with this industry. This is how anyone can create a fake WhatsApp account using its tools:

  1. Sign up for an SMS-Man account.
  2. On the homepage of the platform choose the WhatsApp phone number from the desired country.
  3. Enter the received virtual phone number on the app sign-up page and send a text message.
  4. Switch back to SMS-Man and click the «Get SMS» button.
  5. Use appeared verification code to finish creating an account.

The process is simple as it is. In order to create another profile if the first one gets banned or accidentally logged out, simply repeat the steps from above. Setting up a fake WhatsApp account with a virtual phone number takes no longer than a few minutes. So it is definitely a good solution for those who want to protect their privacy, prank friends, or perform other tasks that may arise in the process of using one of the most popular messengers in the world.

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