Why Get Tested for Typhoid Fever During Monsoon: Risks and Concerns

The spell of monsoon provides utter relief from the soaring temperatures. But all the good things about the rainy season come with a truckload of water-borne diseases. During this time of the year, the need for a typhoid test increases to avoid life-threatening complications. Dive deeper to understand more about typhoid diagnostic tests. 

Why Does the Risk of Typhoid Increase During the Monsoon?

Monsoon-related flooding escalates the risk of waterborne diseases like typhoid. The waterlogged streets and grounds become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. As these elements contaminate drinking water, people become vulnerable to typhoid and similar diseases. 

Once you get typhoid, you will be suffering from fever. But fever can be the underlying symptom for a wide range of conditions. Therefore, undergoing the widal test is the only way to confirm whether you have typhoid or not.     

Widal Test for Typhoid Fever

The Widal test for typhoid fever helps identify antibodies for a Salmonella typhi infection. The diagnostic test can determine whether a patient has a typhoid infection or has had one in the past. 

The rapid diagnostic test is based on the observation that Salmonella typhi antibodies are present in the bloodstream of typhoid patients. Therefore, the bacteria will stick firmly with the red blood cells of a healthy individual. 

The presence of antibodies in the bloodstream shows that the patient is infected by typhoid. The test comes with no side effects and is usually available at an affordable rate. 

Widal Test Result Range

The result of a blood test for typhoid ranges from 1:20 and 1:640. A titer of 1:160 or more indicates a patient is typhoid positive. It’s crucial to remember that positive outcomes don’t always mean a patient has an active infection. 

At times, the antibodies remain in the bloodstream long after the infected has been treated. Therefore, doctors also focus on clinical symptoms along with the test results to diagnose typhoid fever. 

The Bottom Line

Early diagnosis of typhoid fever will ensure that you receive antibiotic treatment to prevent severe complications. Moreover, early diagnosis and treatment will prevent the spread of the infection among family members and others. Therefore, get your typhoid test done from a reliable Dr. Lal Pathlabs once your doctor recommends it. 


What is the price of a typhoid test?

The typhoid test price will depend on the hospital or diagnostic centre. At Dr. Lal Pathlabs, you will come across an affordable typhoid test rate.   

What is the normal range in a typhoid report?

A typhoid report is considered normal when the titres of O and H antigens are below 1:20. A titre of 1:20 or more suggests the existence of antibodies. It can be a sign of ongoing or previous infection in a patient.   

What is the cause of typhoid?

Typhoid occurs due to the bacteria Salmonella typhimurium (S. typhi). The bacterial infection spreads when a healthy individual consumes water or food contaminated by the urine or stool of an infected person. After exposure to the bacteria, the healthy person gets infected and develops the condition. 

What symptoms indicate typhoid?

The common symptoms associated with typhoid are as follows:


Abdominal pain


Lack of appetite





Apart from that, high fever is one of the most consistent symptoms of typhoid. 

How does the Widal test help diagnose typhoid infection?

The patient’s serum is collected, and Salmonella typhi bacteria antigens are added to it. In case the patient is infected, the antibodies will stick to the antigens and create an antigen-antibody complex. Next, a specific type of dye will be added to reveal the complexes.  

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