Optimise Your GST Filing with Cutting-Edge Accounting Technology

July 1, 2017, witnessed the advent of Goods and Services Tax in the business ecosystem of India. At first, many MSMEs (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) discovered the process to be overwhelming. But robust software emerged into the business space and filled the gap. Ever since then, businesses have adopted GST accordingly.

With the digitalization of businesses, entrepreneurs now prefer using accounting software to file tax returns.

Wondering how an accounting app optimizes your tax filing process? Delve into the following narration to learn further:

Introduction to accounting software

An accounting software solution that allows your company to file tax returns can be a savior for your business. It offers companies, business owners, and proprietors a comprehensive solution to file tax returns. Because the accounting software is compiled with the most current financial trends and norms, computing the tax amount becomes easier—and so does filing the return. It enables you to file returns and pay taxes timely. Therefore, with accounting software, you can also eliminate the risks of penalties.

How can a business reap the advantage of using a GST software solution?

Want to learn how your company can simplify the filing process using a software solution? Let’s find out:

Filing data

GST software offers seamless GST registration, speedy migration of accounting data, and reconciliation for error-free and prompt GST filing. The basic details are saved on GSTN(Goods and service tax network) and fetched automatically.

Billing software can also perform the day-to-day operations of enterprises, such as:

  • Finances,
  • Inventory management,
  • Invoicing,
  • Billing, and so on.

Invoicing simplicities

Shopping outlets, restaurants, and private companies must undertake certain steps to calculate their taxes, like VAT, depending upon the invoicing rates. A GST e-invoicing software solution allows the preparation of B2B invoices digitally. It is authenticated by the GSTN or Goods and Services Tax Network. The software ensures that a format is followed by the organization before reporting invoices to the GST portal.

Besides using advanced algorithms, the software enables customers to define the tolerance limit to avoid mismatches. The software also carries out the process of reconciliation effectively and seamlessly.

Error-free billing with a reconciliation feature

Despite using effective and compatible tax software, businesses may experience mismatches between the return data and sales. Accounting solutions come with a reconciliation feature that enables companies to check the accuracy of their billing before filing. Suppose a customer has received an invoice with incorrect data. In this case, the reconciliation feature helps companies review and identify the mistakes in their bills before filing returns.

Improve the filing cost.

Previously, companies had to spend a huge amount of money on hiring an accountant or an accounting firm. But with sophisticated software, businesses can reduce their filing costs. You can eliminate the need for integrating different software for different organizational purposes. With the emergence of subscription-based plans, you can now pay only for those functions that are required by your company. This saves you money and reduces costs related to tax computation, reconciliation, data upload, etc.

An all-inclusive customized offer

Did you know accounting software is extremely customizable and may come with multi-industry compatibility? On top of it, you can also modify several parameters to compute the tax depending on the sector you operate.

Surprisingly, you may add additional taxes too. The software auto-pulls forms from the official portal to ensure the filing process is seamlessly performed regardless of the type of business niche.

Data storage security

Account details, including private information, are saved electronically. Using the software helps you secure sensitive documents with passwords and further authentication steps.

To Conclude

Such a software solution reminds the team members about due credits, invoice uploads, and pending payments. It also allows you to calculate the tax amount without manual errors. Besides this, it lets you generate reports about vendors who pay their dues to the Government timely.

With so many features, how would you ever stay behind this bandwagon and remain within the boundaries of the conventional tax return filing procedure? Find the right software at the earliest. As there are various software available in the market today, catering to every business type, you may select one catering to your needs and preferences.

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