Generating Leads with Video Marketing: Effective Tips

The overall strategy of savvy businesses is today based on video marketing. As per the latest statistics on video marketing, over 81% of businesses make video content their main marketing strategy. Moreover, 66% of marketers’ earnings are made from qualified leads that come from videos. Check if you want your video marketing campaign to take off because this tool can help you build targeted email lists to send your videos out.

The Steps of Generating Leads with Video Marketing

Looking at the statistics, it becomes more than obvious that video content doesn’t only engage, but it’s also ideal for improving lead generation, regardless of the stage in which your client is in the buying journey. But this doesn’t mean all videos can generate qualified leads. For this to happen, they need to be created and used so that they have the potential to attract prospective customers. Here are the seven easy and actionable steps you need to follow to generate leads through video marketing.

Define Your Audience and Understand What It Wants

Right before you put in any effort and invest your money in video production, you have to determine specific goals for video creation. This means you need to define your target audience so that you appeal to your potential buyers. Create a powerful and well-tailored video that’s based on your audience’s behavior and preferences. In other words, when you understand more about your target audience, you are increasing your chances of creating an engaging video for them, a video they can relate to. Besides, the more you understand your target audience, the more you can grasp what videos work best to attract more viewers. This is a good way to start generating leads through video marketing.

Include Call to Actions (CTA) That Are Clear and Obvious

You can’t get the leads or sales you are aiming for if you only craft a beautiful and compelling video. You also need to guide your viewers after they have watched that video. Ask yourself what you’re looking for them to do: purchase your product is what you want, get more visits to your website, or have more people sign up for your newsletter, etc. This is why calls to action need to be clear and they should always be included in your video. For example, let’s say you have just launched a service or a product. If this is the case, create a product demo with voice over or an explainer video with voice over that contains a catchy CTA. Link this CTA to an eBook or downloadable whitepaper for the product’s user manual or the trial offers you are running.

Leverage Social Media

There are over 3.8 billion people using social media at the moment, in the entire world. This gives you a tremendous opportunity to share your videos with many and to gain leads by doing so. Social media videos must include compelling content because this gives them a chance to become viral. Moreover, they increase your engagement with your social media followers, who may want to join your email list later. And there’s more you can do, as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms allow you to pay for advertising. Your video’s advanced features will allow you to be noticed by the audience you’re targeting. This is a great way to achieve the results you want more rapidly.

Put the Video on Landing Pages

Another way to generate leads with video is placing it on landing pages, which are very important for the website you’re running. Landing pages are the ones getting you closer to converting prospects into customers. This is because they’re specifically designed to convert. As you have probably noticed, they are simple and contain few distractions when compared to promotional pages or your homepage. In this way, they’re very powerful and highly efficient when your videos are placed there. Viewers remain focused on the content and become more inclined to purchase when allowed to watch a convincing presentation video. If you want to convince many potential customers, you can put on a versatile, straightforward, and simple explainer video on your landing page.

Include an Embedded Personalized Video in Your Email Campaign

Email marketing is definitely still an efficient way of generating leads. Over 81% of small businesses are still relying on it as their primary channel for customer acquisition. Yet, this doesn’t mean that convincing a receiver to open your email is easy. If you are reaching out and trying your best to get a new lead, make your email more appealing by embedding your videos into it. This can increase your click rates by 96%, seeing that when more people are clicking on the emails you’re sending, your chances of generating leads increase if you have sent a video.

Use Videos as Gated Content

Your videos as gated content can also help you get leads because people will still be able to continue watching them after registering. This strategy helps engage your already existing leads, essentially converting them into loyal customers.

Make Sure Your Website Contains Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos on your website can be very powerful. This strategy of generating leads is one of the most robust in video marketing for the simple reason that customers trust a product more after seeing online reviews about it. When it comes to building trust, customer testimonials increase the effectiveness rating by 89%. You should place testimonial videos on your website’s homepage or the products/services pages. A compelling video testimonial will increase your customers’ trust, and this leads to conversion. Moreover, when trusting a brand, people are more willing to fill in their contact information.

Start Using Video Marketing for Generating Leads Now!

Those marketers who are ready to go the extra mile will always gain more awareness and engagement for their brand through lead generation. Video marketing can help you retarget, remarket, and even deliver your business message clearly. Your videos don’t have to be mind-blowing to bring you more qualified leads. They just need to be convincing for your target audience. Click here if you want to know more about how you can generate leads via cold email lists.

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