Here’s What Parents Should Know About Monitoring Apps

We are living in uncertain times where we cannot guarantee safety for our kids whether they are outside or inside their homes using smartphones or other digital devices to access the internet. The truth is, our kids are not safe anywhere. Both online and offline worlds can expose them to several dangers.

Monitoring and parental control apps allow you to track your kids, updating you about what they’re doing and where they are at a given time. By installing a cell phone spy app on your kid’s smartphone, you can know everything about their cell phone activities and also know where they are going.

However, experts have different views about monitoring apps. They warn you to think twice before installing a cell phone spy app on your kid’s smartphone. In this post, we will explain both pros and cons of monitoring kids that every parent should know about. After analyzing the pros and cons, they should make their final decision.

What Do A Cell Phone Spy App Do? 

A professional and reliable cell phone spy or monitoring app allows parents to keep track of their kid’s activities. They can know who they are texting, who they are speaking to on the phone, what sites they are browsing, what apps they are using, and where they are going after school, etc. If you take one glance at a monitoring app, you would certainly think that it is incredibly helpful as it alerts you about your kid’s activities. But, is it really that good? Let’s find out.

A phone spy app can be downloaded and installed on a kid’s smartphone to know what they are up to. Parents can easily monitor their kid’s text messages, emails, and instant chats to know who they have been interacting with and what sort of conversations they are having with others.

They can also find out about their exact whereabouts with the help of a cell phone spy app. That way they can know where their kid goes after school. In case of emergency, parents can immediately reach out to their kids and help them from a dangerous situation.

Pros of Using Monitoring Apps 

Many parents find monitoring apps useful because they help them know what their kids are doing on their smartphones and where they are at a particular time. Monitoring apps give them a sense of relief because they can remotely monitor their activities from anywhere and at any time. Since they can monitor their location, they can make sure their kids are safe where they are.

Parents can protect their kids from harmful online dangers such as online predators, cyberbullying, sexting, and even pornography. Even cyberbullying can be prevented if parents regularly monitor their kid’s activities on the internet.

If you do not want your kid to become susceptible to any potential cyberattack or become exposed to any other harmful online threat then you should keep an eye on their online and smartphone activities. That is only possible if you install a phone spy app on their device and remotely monitor them.

Cons of Using Monitoring Apps

A major con of using monitoring apps to track your kid’s smartphone activities is that it can affect your trusting relationship with your kid. Your kid can be offended if you install a monitoring app on their smartphone to keep an eye on them because for them it is equivalent to privacy invasion.

If you do not educate your kid properly about the use and purpose of monitoring apps then your kid is likely to think that you have installed the phone spy app for invading their privacy. That is why you should clearly state the reason for installing a monitoring app on their device to avoid complicating matters with your kid.

Many children experts have said time and again that parents should focus more on developing healthy and open communication with their kids instead of spying on their activities. Spying can often break the trust that parents have developed with their kids.

If parents want their kids to come to them for help and guidance, then they should make them feel comfortable enough so they can go to them and discuss their problems. For that, it is essential that kids trust their parents and vice versa.

We are not saying monitoring your kids with the help of a phone spy app is a bad idea. You should monitor your kids to ensure their online safety but you cannot rely on these tools forever. It is important that you educate your kids about internet challenges so they can learn to use online platforms safely and responsibly.

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