What Prospects Does the FTT Cryptocurrency Have?

Large and popular crypto platforms aim to expand their application scope and draw more attention and clients. For that purpose, they do everything possible to increase their liquidity and users’ loyalty, offering them many benefits and discounts on trades and other beneficial options. Such crypto exchanges as WhiteBIT, FTX, and Binance have released their internal crypto assets with the purpose of expanding users’ earning opportunities. For example, the FTX crypto exchange has its FTT token, which brings many benefits both to the platform and its clients.

FTX Crypto: Functions and Prospects

The FTX platform’s crypto asset gives its holders the following benefits:

  1. Up to 60% discounts on transaction commissions;
  2. Access to events connected with the FTT token;
  3. The token is a source of futures trading funding;
  4. FTT is used in taking bring numerous benefits for those who lock tokens on the exchange.

The platform’s developers implement a burning mechanism in order to cut its supply in circulation and maintain its value. As of October 2022, the FTT USDT pair is traded at $22.48. Experts believe the token may drop to $20.42 and get lower by mid-November ($16.82). In a longer perspective, the FTT token has all the chances to rise to $38.65  in 2023 and even exceed $50 in 2024.

Before buying any digital asset, you should do the research o your own. Investors usually make a tech, fundamental, and quantitive analysis of digital assets to understand their further price movements and prospects.

Tech analysis is all about assets’ charts and historical indicators that help understand how the price behaves during different market trends and what affects it. Fundamental analysis includes external factors that may affect the crypto market as a whole. Quantitive research includes the results of both tech and fundamental research and calculations on the asset’s main indicators. Based on this research, an investor decides if it is worth buying the FTT token or not. Look for more information about FTX crypto on its official website and social network.

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