What is White-Label Marketplace Software?

Many companies search for new ways of expanding their market range, portfolio offerings, and services that they can provide to their clients. Because of this, they resort to using ready-made digital solutions such as white-label marketplace software. The popularity of white-label software products is only increasing, and it is also a great way of taking your business to the next level. In this article, we are going to explain everything you need to know about the white-label marketplace, the benefits and drawbacks of white-label services, and why so many entrepreneurs want to use this approach.

White-label Marketplace Software Explanation

Let’s start with the very definition of what a marketplace is. The marketplace is an online platform (it can be an app or website) that allows people to register, buy and sell their products or services there. Online marketplaces are becoming more and more popular because it is a chance to start a business and register a company online without having to make big and risky investments. Take for example companies like Amazon, Airbnb, or Uber. Technically they don’t own any of the products, or services that they provide, but they let other people sell, buy, and use these products. These companies earn money on commissions.

Marketplace business model works well a lot of people now want to create their own marketplace platform. However, it is definitely not a cheap thing to develop. Here is when white-label marketplaces are a great solution.

White-label software is software that was created by one company but can then be rebranded and used by other companies. A white-label app creator will still own and control the source code of the software, but the users won’t notice it.

So for example, if one company has created a certain software (a marketplace app, for example), it can sell this software to others and those companies can then rebrand the marketplace app and release it under their name. They are not able to control software functionality or own it but are only able to use it.

A company that has already launched its marketplace and successfully runs it can start selling this software as white-label. In this case, this company will help other businesses to launch similar marketplaces.

So, if you decide to use white-label software, you won’t need to wait for the app to be developed. The marketplace app is already finished, you will only need to customize it and in a few days, you’ll be ready to start your online business. In this case, you don’t create the software itself, you just pay to use it (usually with a subscription). And in the next paragraph, we’ll explain why this method is great and why exactly you should consider it.

When Should you Consider White-label Software?

  • You want to expand the services that your business provides.Sometimes clients want more than you can provide to them, and do not always you’ll have the budget for offering more service or for creating a new digital product. In this situation, adopting white-label software, for example, app, will be a great solution.
  • You want to work with bigger clients

The more different services you can provide, the more chances you have to attract different kinds of clients. Offering an advanced digital experience, it is more likely that you’ll sooner or later be able to work with bigger clients. White-label software makes it possible with relatively small investments

  • You want to test a new idea

Have you ever had the moments when you had a brilliant business idea but no time or resources to bring it to life? Here is where white-label services will come in handy. This will help to build a prototype as soon as possible and see what your idea looks like and whether it is worth larger investments.

  • You want to update your business

If you decide to implement an industry-specific white-label marketplace software, it can help you to update your business because this boosts the processes inside the company itself.

At first, it may seem like adopting a white-label marketplace service is a risky arrangement, but this business model is actually quite popular among many companies and businesses and has a lot of benefits. So let’s move one from situations when you can use white-label software to the actual reasons to do so.

Why Should You Consider Using White-label Marketplace Software:

  • It saves time

Developing your own custom software will take a lot of time because you will need to carefully plan the process, find the right people who will develop your idea exactly as you want it, and then test it. All these steps take a lot of energy and are time-consuming, so a white-label marketplace software platform will help you get the desired service within a few days.

  • It saves money

It is no secret that creating your own software will cost you a lot of money, and not always you are able to spend that much right away. And the white-label platform will let you save money here. Of course, everything will depend on what type of software you’ll need, but in most cases, this solution will cost you much less compared to a custom app.

  • It helps you to stand out

These days the competition is everywhere, and it gets a lot harder to think of something new, so using white-label software and customizing it according to your vision and brand can give you a chance to stand out from your competitors.

  • It helps to get the revenue right away

White-label software will let you get the revenue quicker, and you won’t need to wait for your app to be developed to get the financial results from your services.

  • It lets you focus on strategic tasks

Because you don’t have to think about developing the product, you will have time to focus on other important tasks, which will also allow you to expand what you provide your clients with.

  • It doesn’t require having a lot of experience

If you want to provide your clients with new software or product that you have little or even no experience in, you can use a white-label software platform. You won’t need to be an expert to have different kinds of services that you provide.

Final Thoughts

White-label solutions are popular and have many reasons why exactly companies choose to use them. But like any other business decision, this one also requires you to do your research and spend time weighing all pros and cons to decide what will work better for your company. That’s why in this article we wanted to explain all the essentials for you so you won’t need to spend additional time finding information on different resources. And now that you have an understanding of what white-label marketplace software is, you can finally think of the ways of implementing it in your business.

A lot of businesses lack the necessary resources when they launch the marketplace application to attract new clients. This process requires both time and money, and not every company (even if it is already successful) can afford it. And that is why using white-label software, app, etc. is a great solution because they can be a huge help in organizing, expanding what you offer your clients and increasing revenue. Just make sure that you choose the right white-label marketplace software that meets your customer needs, and most importantly – do not skimp on quality.

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