Why is YouTube Downloader Not Working?

Watching favorite videos on YouTube is fun but at times you like to get these videos downloaded. YouTube Downloader is a great software meant for downloading the favorites while acting as the ingenious hacks. It is a treat for data savers from all over the world. If you can’t download from youtube videos on your PC, laptop, or even mobile phone without worrying then it’s good. Once the video is downloaded you can easily enjoy the videos for endless time. The videos are so safely added that there is little to worry about the space.

Can YouTube downloaders fail to work?

YouTube downloaders work great but being a technological addition we can expect any failure or malfunctions. It can happen quite often that the downloader stops working. This malfunctioning usually occurs due to the constant change of coding and site layout by YouTube. These alterations prevent users from downloading the videos. The messages showing the malfunctioning of the application include a set of messages that would appear as you start downloading the videos. These messages are

“Failed Download”

 “Cannot Connect To URL” 

“404 Error”.

The problems can be resolved as there are great alternatives to each of these problems. Mostly these problems are resolved with the help of quick solutions one of which is the updates. Like any other problem, the problems with the downloader can be resolved provided you are well aware of the kind of the problem. If you want a safe solution, make sure you know the problem.

Why is YouTube downloader not working?

If your downloader refused to download your favorite video when you just started then here are a few reasons why it is not helping you in downloading the favorite.


  • Updated with no coding 


If you started the download but it failed then there is a chance that it is happening because the programs are being updated with the right coding. In case of this problem, you will see the message appearing on the screen as 404 Error. Check if the downloader has an update. Use the updated version to see the problem getting resolved.


  • Copyrights 


Many videos on YouTube consider the download as a matter of copyright infringement. Thus, the download is not allowed due to copyright issues. The message associated with these problems appears on the screen with the words  “Video Not Found”. No matter what you do this is the problem that can’t be resolved. The videos are copyright protected and so every effort would end up in a failure.


  • IP address challenges


This is the third main problem in downloading the videos with the youtube downloader mac. If you started the download but after clicking the download option a message appears saying “Video not Found”, then remember that the problem is with the IP address. If you are in a geographical territory that does not permit that particular video then the download will automatically fail. It is important to be in the geographical territory that permits the video or to be in a territory that is supported by the video’s place of origin.


  • McAfee interference 


“404 Error” appearing on the screen also indicates that McAfee may be interfering with the YouTube downloader. This usually happens when McAfee is there on the system. Uninstall McAfee at once to immediately start with the download.


  • Outdated browser settings


It is important to remember that you need to have an appropriate browser for using the YouTube Downloader. The most appropriate among these is Firefox 4.0 and above. The downloaders would not support your task provided the browser settings get outdated. In the case of Chrome keep checking the updates and add the most rented version.


  • Video tool compatibility 


Are you finding it impossible to play the downloaded video? The reason can be the compatibility of the video tools. There is no use downloading the videos if they don’t play. If you have a Windows Player then it is better to switch to VLC. If it is not on your system then install it.


  • Choice of format


Is your video taking too much time to download? In case you are trying to download a video but it is not happening or it is taking too much time then the problem is due to the wrong format. The problem persists if the bar is constantly showing 0%. The best option is to download the video in 360p or lower format.


  • Firewalls blocking the software


Many times the download fails if there is firewall protection added to the Windows. These firewalls are programmed in such a way that they block the software. Thus, it becomes hard for the system to recognize them. If you want to avoid such problems then it is better to reset the settings. This would allow the user to download any video without any inconvenience.


  • Wrong bits 


It is important that the bits of the Flashplayer and the videos both match. The videos that need 64 bit or more would not work on the Flashplayer with 34bit. If this problem persists then replace the Flashplayer with the one that is 64 bit. This Flashplayer is great for both 34 bit and 64-bit videos.


  • Problem with the Javascript 


If you are trying to download the video on your mobile phone then it can be hard to download it. In the case of mobile phones, the problem with downloading arises due to Javascript. The video would not download if you have disabled the JavaScript. All you need to do is enable Javascript.


YouTube is indeed a great platform to enjoy the best videos from all over the world. It is a fun thing to download the loved videos and then keep them on your devices to watch whenever you like. There are several downloaders available but they often fail to do so. Here we have added a few problems that you may encounter while downloading the videos from YouTube. It is not hard to tackle these problems. If you are aware of the problem you can simply find the solution and then resolve the issue without any inconvenience.


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