YouTube Lifehacks You Need to Know


YouTube is the world’s number one video platform. You can watch all types of videos about lifestyle, gaming, comedy skits, music videos, makeup, how to’s, recipes, and more. You can even be a vlogger yourself and monetize your videos! There are billions of viewers and content creators worldwide, and there’s always a new one that is yet to be discovered. Here are some life hacks you should know that will make your YouTube experience better than before!

Tricks and Tips

I want to share a few helpful tricks and tips you can immediately apply as soon as you finish reading this article.

  • Play a video on loop. Let’s say there’s a particular song or music video that you love and would love to hear or watch it over and over again. Right-click that video and select ‘Loop’ in the options. That video will repeatedly play as soon as you decide to stop it.

  • Share a video from a certain point. Did you know that you could set a start time when sharing YouTube videos with others? As you click ‘share,’ you can find a ‘Start at’ option at the bottom. Just check it and type the time you want the video to start.

  • Play all the videos from a channel. Yup, from a channel and not just from a playlist! Just choose one video from that channel you love, and put &list=UL at the end of its URL.

How to Download YouTube Videos?

If you are an avid user of YouTube, you should probably ask questions before, like ‘Can I download videos from YouTube to my device? How do I download YouTube videos as music videos? and other simpler and complicated questions. YouTube videos can be downloaded depending on the decision of the content creator. That’s why some videos are downloadable offline, while some are not. This is where you will need the help of a converter and downloader software outside YouTube. The best way to make this possible is to use MP3Studio YouTube Downloader.

Why you Should Download MP3Studio

As mentioned earlier, some YouTube videos are not available for download. But if you are to use MP3Studio YouTube Downloader, you can convert and download all the videos you like without any limit! It’s free and effortless to use! You also get to experience the following features:

  1. Choose the format – Convert any videos to various formats suitable on your devices, such as mp3, Avi, mp4, WMA, MOV, and more.

  2. Fast download – Download your favorite videos and songs with excellent speed.

  3. Suitable for PC and mobile device – This app works well when installed on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS systems.

  4. HD Quality – Converted and downloaded videos are not pixelated! Your downloaded files are sure to have excellent quality.

  5. ID3 Tag Editor – The software assigns ID3  to every song you download, which provides information about the artist and the album.

How to use the MP3 YouTube Downloader

Are you excited to try this amazing software? Just follow these simple steps and start to convert and download any videos you like!

  • Proceed to the official website at and click the DOWNLOAD button. Once downloaded, run the app on your device to launch.

  • You can now choose any videos you like to download. Just copy the video URL.

  • Paste it into the input field of your newly downloaded MP3Studio downloader.

  • Choose the audio or video format you prefer, and click on ‘convert’.

  • Once the conversion process is finished, click ‘download’.

Indeed, this is the greatest hack you should definitely try! Now, you can use your MP3 YouTube Downloader at any time, and anywhere you like. It’s uncomplicated to use and helps download videos from YouTube that you can have for personal use.

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