3 Key Things You Didn’t Know About Solar Energy

The popularity of solar power as an energy source for the average American home is on the rise. Demand for solar has been through the roof over the past few years, with more homeowners than ever embracing this new form of renewable energy.

The reason being huge leaps in technological improvements, mainly the ability to control the power consumption through the use of smart systems such as smart electrical panels.

If you’re on the fence about installing this energy resource system in your own home, you might just need a little more information to push you over the edge.

What are some solar energy facts you should know? Read on and we’ll walk you through a few major ones you might not have heard about.

  1. Solar Power Can Be Stored and Saved

If you’re not all too familiar with how solar power works, you might not realize that once the energy from the sun has been harnessed, you can actually hang onto it.

Storing solar power from the sun is actually one of the main elements of how a solar power system works. The average home retains much more energy than it actually needs to run over the course of a bright and sunny day.

This energy is then stored to be used at night or during days where less energy is generated. In this way, every day you build up energy using your system, you’re putting more away to save on a rainy day.


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  1. Expanding Solar Power is Environmentally Necessary

We and many other developed countries across the world have made certain goals we’re attempting to meet to lessen our impact on the planet’s environment.

In order for the United States to hit the levels it needs, we need to push our switch to solar energies as quickly as we humanly can.

Installing solar in your own home is a great way to lower your carbon footprint and help move us towards a brighter and greener future. You can speak with a reputable solar company like Blue Raven Solar to understand all the ways your switch to solar can help the health of the planet.

  1. Solar is the Most Abundant Energy Resource

Once you hear how much potential solar energy is out there, you’ll realize it would be silly not to harness it to the best of your ability. Solar energy is by far the most abundant energy resource to be found on Earth.

Combined, 173,000 terawatts of solar energy are striking the planet at any given moment. That’s a mind-numbingly large amount of potential energy that is just waiting to be harvested.

That number is nearly 10,000 times larger than the energy being used by every country in the world combined.

  1. Types of Solar Energy in Blockchain

Each transaction is stored in a block of information with a special linear timestamp, which distinguishes each block in the network of transactions. Many machines store the same records, proving the consistency and placement of each block of information within the lineup, making it much more difficult to hack.

Transparency, stability, and traceability are the primary benefits of blockchain technology. However, blockchain technologies can be used in a variety of ways. There are four forms of blockchain: public, proprietary, hybrid, and federated.

  1. Reducing Our Reliance on Fossil Fuels

Solar energy reserves are vast; if we could capture all of the sunlight falling on the planet for only one hour, we could use the energy to fuel the whole country for a year. The sunlight used in solar energy generation is free and abundant. On the other side, fossil fuels are rapidly depleting. Reducing our dependence on these scarce commodities and using a plentiful, free supply of energy, such as sunshine, may result in lower energy costs, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and a better, more secure energy future.

Best Solar Energy Facts

If you’re looking for reasons to make the switch to solar as an energy resource, the above facts are really just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of reasons to consider making the solar switch, but hopefully, the above help to make a strong case.

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