About Time: You Get to Know the Best Coffee Flavors of London

The UK is known for its hot beverage and snacks culture that has been around for centuries. One of the best hot beverages to sample while in London is coffee. However, not all coffee is equal. It comes with various types of roast, grinds, taste notes, and consistencies. The next time you visit the city, be sure to sample some of the types of coffee listed in this article.

Filtered Coffee

This coffee type has been around for some time but is slowly being overtaken by others on this list. It is made by using a machine where roasted grounds are steeped in hot water for extended periods. These grounds are held in a paper basket, which filters out the water from the grounds. This method allows coffee to release its subtle flavors, giving it a rich aroma and superb taste. It is one of the old recipes that never seem to fade away. However, for you to enjoy the goodness of a cup of filter coffee, you have to take it while hot as it losses the unique flavor if it stays around.

Cold Brew

When talking of cold brew, it is not the same as iced coffee. However, the coffee is made from beans and prepared by putting coffee grounds in chilled water for not less than 10 hours. The result is usually a highly concentrated coffee. However, the liquid is 70% less concentrated and bitter than your normal cup of coffee. The coffee is then mixed with hot milk or water and served hot. One advantage of the coffee is that it can be stored for long without losing its goodness. You can also buy a pre-packaged cold brew online tea and coffee shop and prepare your awesome cup of coffee in a few minutes.

AeroPress Coffee

AeroPress makes use of a plunger-type instrument that creates a type of coffee that looks like an espresso. However, the process is shorter and results in a stronger flavor. Coffee grounds are put in a compartment and water added. The plunger than applies pressure to the compartment, forcing the water through the grounds to a collecting jar. If you are looking to vary the taste of your espresso, this is the type to sample. Some cafes also have another variant of flavored coffee beans for a nice taste twist.

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Syphon Coffee

Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company explains that siphon coffee is made through a vacuum method. The barista starts by forcing water vapor through a filter as the temperature is increased in the jar below it. He or she then introduces ground coffee beans to the water vapor that is collected. After a minute, he or she then removes the coffee mixture from the heat. The effect of removing the heating jar from the heat creates a difference in pressure with the pressure below the filter going down. This causes the pressure on the top of the filter to push the water from the ground mixture back to the jar below it. The process results in a delicate, crisp coffee. It looks more like a titration project in a science lab but produces really nice coffee. The types of coffee beans used in the coffer are of medium roast.

Pour Coffee

Pour coffee looks similar to filter coffee due to the similarities in the brewing process. However, this coffee is prepared rather fast. The barista pours hot water on the ground coffee to make some sweet-sour coffee. However, water is not just poured onto the ground the coffee. It is poured in a slow-motion to give the beans time to release their subtle flavors. This is what the filter coffee misses during brewing. However, it can work with various types of coffee beans but at a fine ground. This type is loved across London and sometimes, people queue for several minutes to get their hands on a cup of the coffee.

Espresso Machine

The world-renowned coffee is also enjoyed in London. Baristas force almost boiling water through some ground coffee, which creates a concentrated liquid called espresso. This shot of thick liquid forms the basis for other types of coffee that include mocha, flat white latte, and cappuccino. All these types come in various tastes and coffee designs that will get you salivating for the next cup. According to Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company, the coffee has to be prepared in just the right temperature and coffee ground to release the thick sour shot with a slightly bitter taste. However, Espresso machines across various coffee shops in London help bring out more or less the same quality of coffee. You can purchase espresso coffee at an online tea and coffee shop.

Flat White

As said earlier, this coffee is made from a shot of espresso. It gets its name from the fact that it does not create foam like cappuccino. Most baristas use a 30ml shot where they add steamed milk and microfoam. It is then served on a ceramic cup that is smaller than the one used in cappuccino.

Latte and Cappuccino

Cappuccino is a common morning beverage. It is made by adding a third of espresso to a third as milk and a third as foam. However, you will find most cafes in London adding milk. One distinct characteristic of the coffee is that it has lots of foam. The difference between it and latte is the percentages of ingredient combinations. Besides, most cafes serve the coffee in a glass or a significantly smaller cup than the former. You can buy some flavored coffee beans to add some twist to a cup of either of these types.

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